ZKMotion Mach3 4 Axis USB CNC Motion Card

The old ZKMotion has been discontinued, the plastic plating process is not effective, pollution is also serious, no longer produced, now sold is the new FlyMotion.

ZKMotion and nMotion upgrade mainly from the following points:
1. Pulse output is high-speed 10M optocoupler isolation, real 3-axis 1000KHZ, 4-axis 750KHZ, 6-axis 500KHz per axis speed
2. output 8 way isolation, originally 4 way isolation, handwheel interface all isolated, it is not isolated
3. Input interface only accept NPN or contact type dry node switch, no series resistance, unlimited voltage, the original 5VPNP and NPN compatible design, wiring a lot of people will not.
4. With RS485 bus interface, the default extension of 8-way input and output expansion board, direct docking, but also according to the needs of the development of docking servo read code
Code data. Or bus bus grating ruler.

Ø Support all versions of Mach3, including the latest version.  
Ø Supports all Windows versions, including Win8 WIN10 
Ø USB does not need to be driven, all Windows versions are plug and play and hot plugging is supported.  
Ø The USB bus uses high-grade chip magnetic coupling isolation, which is really valuable isolation. It is different from the optocoupler isolation input and output of the general control card. It achieves super reliability and absolutely guarantees the security of the computer USB. At the same time ensure the superior EMC anti-jamming capability.  
Ø Single chip, the system is more refined, and the stability of the multi-chip processing is much higher than that of ordinary multi-chip processing. 
Ø Dual-core ultra-high-speed CPU (the highest single-core frequency of 204MHz), and the processing power is extremely redundant. And to ensure the realization of 3-axis linkage 1500KHz pulse output frequency, 4-axis linkage 1000KHz pulse output frequency, 6-axis pulse output frequency up to 800KHz, can be connected to the servo / step.  
Ø The size of the motion control buffer can be set to ensure that the fastest interpolation cycle can be operated stably, and the computer can run smoothly when the load is too heavy. 
Ø Has 16 isolated input ports, the input interface is simpler, the port wet and dry contacts can be, the wiring is more simple, dry contact method as long as the external access to a physical switch to the ground, all 16 input ports have signal instructions, When the indicator light is low, the debugging is simple and straightforward. 
Ø Has up to 24 outputs (8 channels, RS485 expandable), 32 inputs (16 inputs, 16 RS485).  
Ø PWM speed output port (isolated), can set PWM frequency, duty cycle 0~1000 continuously adjustable 
Ø With the speed measurement function, the actual speed of the spindle is displayed on the Mach3 interface in real time, and the measurement is accurate and stable.  
Ø The board is carefully built by engineers and the design level is clear at a glance. 
Ø With 256-byte NVRAM space, 6 axis coordinate values ​​and processing line numbers can be saved, and no change is required for next power-on. 
Ø All motion axis outputs are differential signals and can be connected to servo high speed signal input port  
Ø can be set from the axis, supporting double X, double Y, double Z. Soft limit bottom processing, system is more secure  
Ø RS485 isolation bus, which can be externally expanded input and output or connected to the servo reading position, connected with grating ruler (custom development required) 
Ø All-around isolation, all inputs and outputs are isolated from the motion control core, pulse isolation uses high-speed 10M optocoupler isolation. Supports single and double pulse modes  
Ø Easy to upgrade, this product upgrade hardware layer firmware only through the USB brush machine, fast, afraid to brush bad, firmware open, you can try for 1 hour, more than 1 hour will stop.

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