MKX-ET Mach3 Ethernet Controller

The XHC Mach3 Ethernet Breakout Board is a hardware component used in CNC (Computer Numerical Control) systems for controlling various machining processes. It’s designed to work with Mach3 Software and provides Ethernet connectivity for communication with the computer running Mach3. Here’s some additional information about this breakout board:

Axis Support: The board supports 3-6 axis linkage, which means it can control machines with up to 6 different moving parts or axes. This is essential for complex CNC systems that require precise control over multiple components.

Motor Compatibility: It allows you to control both servo motors and stepper motors. This flexibility is important because different applications may require one type of motor over the other. Servo motors offer high precision, while stepper motors are often chosen for their simplicity and cost- effectiveness.effectiveness.

Applications: This board is suitable for a wide range of CNC applications, including but not limited to flame-cutting machines, wood furniture production, advertising signage, stone engraving, CNC milling and engraving machines, automatic production systems, and welding machines. CNC systems are used in various industries for their precision and automation capabilities.

Ethernet Connectivity: The board connects to your computer or control system via an Ethernet port, not a USB port. Ethernet connections are known for their reliability and speed, making them a good choice for CNC applications where real-time communication is crucial.

Mach3 Software: The board is specifically designed to work with Mach3 Software. Mach3 is a popular CNC control software that provides a user-friendly interface for programming and controlling CNC machines. It’s known for its flexibility and support for various hardware configurations.

XHC Mach3 Ethernet Breakout Board is a versatile CNC motion controller that supports multiple axes, and various motor types and is suitable for a wide range of CNC applications. Its Ethernet connectivity ensures reliable communication with the control software, and it’s tailored to work seamlessly with Mach3 Software.

mach3 ethernet controller/mach3 motion controller

XHC Mach3 Ethernet Controller CNC Breakout Board MKX-ET

No need to install the driver, plug and play;
Supports 3-6 axis linkage;
Maximum step-pulse frequency is 2000KHz, 16 general-purpose input,8 output;
Support differential signal output;
Velocity feedback function, Spindle speed display in real time all IO-port isolation, interference, stable performance;
Support controlling servo motor and step motor;


General Characteristics

mach3 ethernet controller

·Fully supporting all Mach3 versions, support Windows PC.
·Only support Ethernet interface, Need to set the IP address.
·Support saving data when power off
·Support spindle speed feedback
·Support 10 meters Ethernet interface cable
·Supports Up 6-Axis
·Maximum step-pulse frequency is 2000KHz 16 general-purpose input, 8 output.
·Velocity feedback function, Spindle speed display in real-time
·All IO-port isolation, interference, stable performance
·Support servo motor and step motor

xhc mach3 ethernet controller

Application Connection Diagram

xhc ethernet mach3 motion card diagram

Signal Description

xhc ethernet mach3 motion card signal

Wiring Diagram Shows

xhc cnc breakout board wiring diagram

Dimensions-3 Axis

xhc ethernet mach3 motion card 3 axis size

Dimensions-4 Axis

xhc ethernet mach3 motion card 4 axis size

Dimensions-6 Axis

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