MKX-ET XHC CNC Ethernet Controller


xhc cnc ethernet controller

No need to install the driver, plug and play;
Supports 3-axis linkage;
Maximum step-pulse frequency is 2000KHz, 16 general-purpose input,8 output;
Support differential signal output;
Velocity feedback function, Spindle speed display in real time all IO-port isolation, interference, stable performance;
Support controlling servo motor and step motor;

General Characteristics

ethernet controller

·Fully supporting all Mach3 versions, support Windows PC.
·Only support Ethernet interface, Need to set IP address.
·Support save data when power off
·Support spindle speed feedback
·Support 10 meters Ethernet interface cable
·Supports Up 6-Axis
·Maximum step-Pulse frequency is 2000KHz 16 general-prupose input, 8 output.
·Velocity feedback function, Spindle speed display in real time
·All IO-port isolation, interference, stable performance
·Support servo motor and step motor

ethernet controller

Application Connection Diagram

ethernet controller

Signal Description

ethernet controller

Wiring Diagram Shows

ethernet controller

Dimensions-3 Axis

ethernet controller

Dimensions-4 Axis

Dimensions-6 Axis

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