Weinview HMI

Weinview hmi software and manual free download


EB500V274_080130_chs For weinview EB500 series hmi


EB8000 V4.65.16 【Applicable to T/X series models】

EB8000V466.02.016_20161220 Applicable to X series models

EasyAccess2.0 for windows


Remote monitoring software EasyAccess2.0 [Applicable] Windows system computer

EasyAccess2.0 for Android


EasyAccess2_V2.10.07[PC]_20200720 For iE Series/eMT Series/cMT Series  Download
EasyAccess2_V2.10.07[Andriod]_20200720  Download

EasyAccess2.0 remote monitoring software, mobile version, suitable for Android system, flat and mobile phone use



cMTViewer_V2.13.27[PC]_20200708 For cMT  Download
cMTViewer_V2.13.27[Andriod]_20200708 For iE Series/eMT Series/cMT Series  Download

Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10

cMTViewer_V2.9.74[Andriod]_20190625 支持iE系列/eMT系列/cMT系列 
开发环境:Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10


Applicable to MT / TK series models MT8000iE MT8050iE MT6070iE MT6071iE MT8071iE MT8070iER MT8070iE MT8100iE MT8121iE MT8150iE MT8000i MT8050iV MT8070iH3 MT8100iV MT6000i MT6050iP MT6056i MT6070iH MT6070iH5 MT6100iV2 MT6100iV5TK6051iP,TK6071iQ,TK6071iP,TK6050iP, TK6070iQ,TK8070iH


Applicable to eMT / cMT / iE / MT (iP) / TK (iP) models  cMT3090,cMT-iPC10,cMT-G01,cMT3151,

Support Windows XP operating system


EBproV6.04.02_20200824 【For cMT-X/cMT/eMT/iE/MT(iP)/TK(iP) Series】 Download
EBproV6.04.01_20200821 【For cMT-X/cMT/eMT/iE/MT(iP)/TK(iP) Series】  Download
EBproV6.03.02_20200213 【For eMT/cMT/iE/MT(iP)/TK(iP) Series】  Download
EBproV6.01.01_20180827 【For eMT/cMT/iE/MT(iP)/TK(iP) Series】  Download

Applicable to eMT / cMT / iE / MT (iP) / TK (iP) models “
Does not support” Windows XP operating system

Weinview tk6070ip

TK6071IQ can only be downloaded by U disk, TK6071IP data cable download. (Check Current Price)
TK6071IP completely replaces TK6070IP, the software is EBpro, and the EB8000 program can be transferred to the new software.
TK6071IQ replaces TK6070IQ. The appearance, size and function are the same. The software is upgraded to ebpro, and the program can be converted to the new software.

If you used this TK sereis HMI out of China, please do as following:
for windows 7
1,Control Panel>Chiange display language>Location=China>Formats=Chinese(Simplified,PRC)>Administrative>Change system locale>Current system location=Chinese (Simplified,PRC)
2,New restart system
3,Now install any chinese version of EB8000 software
Note:if you already install Chinese version of EB8000 and not visible TK series option just repeat 1,Insha Allaha problem will resolve
for windows xp
1,Control Panel>Regional and language options> Language>Click at “install files for East Asian language” check box and with will install helping file may be you need at that time Windows xp software CD for helping file>Regional Option>now visible”Chinese(PRC) option now select it>Location=china>Advanced=language for non-unicode programs=”Chinese(PRC)
2,Now restart system
3,install any chinese software version
Note:if you already have install any chinese version EB8000 just repeat 1,Insha Allaha problem will resolve
Step 1,Download the software:EB8000 Applicable to MT / TK series models
Step 2,Make sure the install language is Chinese.

here below is the result when you follow the step above.

Weinview HMI Cable