Vortex Cold Air Gun

The Vortex Cold Air Gun, also known as a Vortex Tube Cold Air Cooler or Refrigerator, is a versatile and portable device used for rapid dry cooling of small local areas. It utilizes the principles of the vortex effect to produce both hot and cold airflow without any active components or refrigerants. Here are some of its key features and benefits:

  • Portability: The Cold Air Gun is designed to be easily carried around, making it convenient for various applications that require localized cooling.
  • Mechanical Drying and Cooling: It serves as a cold air source for mechanical drying or cooling processes, making it useful in industrial settings and other applications.
  • Compressed Air Cooling: The Cold Air Gun relies solely on compressed air to create low-temperature airflow, eliminating the need for external power sources or refrigerants.
  • Flexible Tube Delivery: The device is equipped with a flexible universal tube that efficiently delivers cold air to the specific location that requires cooling.
  • Harsh Industrial Environments: The Cold Air Gun is built to withstand harsh conditions commonly found in industrial settings, making it a reliable cooling solution.
  • Continuous and Stable Operation: The device can work continuously and reliably without the need for frequent maintenance.
  • Built-in Control Valve: With a built-in control valve, users can adjust the volume of outlet air and the temperature to meet specific cooling requirements.
  • Cooling Range: By compressing the air, the Cold Air Gun can produce a low-temperature cold airflow that is 25 to 45 degrees Celsius lower than the actual ambient temperature.
  • Easy Installation and Cleaning: The Cold Air Gun is designed for easy installation and can be easily cleaned for efficient and trouble-free operation.
  • No Active Components: Since it operates without any moving parts or active components, it offers a maintenance-free solution for cooling needs.

Applications of the Vortex Cold Air Gun include cooling machine tool heads, treating various cutter tools, cooling electronic components, and cooling during welding processes. Its ability to provide rapid and localized cooling makes it an ideal tool for small-area cooling needs.

Vortex Air Gun operates based on the principle of the vortex effect or the Ranque-Hilsch effect. Here’s how it works:

  1. Compressed Air Inlet: The vortex cooler is connected to a compressed air supply. When high-pressure air enters the vortex cooler, it is split into two streams at the inlet: one cold stream and one hot stream.
  2. Tangential Entry: The compressed air is directed into the vortex cooler in a tangential manner. This creates a high-speed swirling motion inside the vortex chamber.
  3. Vortex Formation: As the air swirls around the vortex chamber, a strong centrifugal force is generated. This causes the air to separate into two regions: the outer region and the inner region.
  4. Cold Air Outlet: The air in the inner region loses energy and cools down significantly due to the expansion caused by the centrifugal force. This cold air is forced to move towards the center of the vortex and exits the vortex cooler through a cold air outlet.
  5. Hot Air Outlet: Meanwhile, the air in the outer region retains its higher energy and exits the vortex cooler through a hot air outlet. This air carries the excess heat away from the vortex cooler.
  6. Adjustable Flow: The vortex cooler typically has a built-in control valve that allows the user to adjust the ratio of hot and cold air. By adjusting the valve, you can control the temperature and volume of the airflow coming out of the vortex cooler.

It’s important to note that the vortex cooler does not rely on any refrigerants or mechanical components to achieve cooling. Instead, it utilizes the energy of the compressed air and the physics of the vortex effect to separate the air into hot and cold streams. This makes it a reliable and maintenance-free cooling solution for various industrial applications.

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