USBMACH3 4Axis CNC controller with drive all in one 200K

1,4-axis stepper motor drive output
2, with 5th axis control signal output.
3, with 6 programmable input interface, can be configured to limit emergency stop and other functions.
4, with a spindle start and stop IO output.
5, with a spindle 0-10V speed output.
6, with 2 programmable relay outputs.
7, support the standard hand pulse, serial digital hand pulse, digital manual control

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8, support MACH3 software
9, USB interface, support MACH3 software.
10, the control part is electrically isolated from the driving part
11, high-speed optocoupler isolation
12, up to 200K stepper motor control pulse output, suitable for most machine system needs.
13,4-way stepper motor drive for 0-4A current adjustable, the maximum support 4A.
14, 4 stepper motor drives up to 128 subdivision controls.