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UC300 Motion Controller

uc300 motion controller  

Are you currently trying to find a top quality and-performing movement CNC controller?Properly, those UC300 Motion Controller is among the recommended movement controllers which are appropriate to perform with Mach3 software.It comes with perfect USB port assistance capable of supporting MPG as well as digital dream MPG.

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The controller was created that it can be simple to connect it using a laptop or computer community and give flawless working.It is easy to create a direct connection or do so with the help of a router.This action CNC control has 3 to 6 axis with a highest result premises of 300KHz from each axis.

The controller has the principal power supply of 24 VDC where it takes more than 1A.In addition, the controller has 10 output digital port and 12 input port.Even, you can actually adapt the pace that ranges from to 10V within the spindle.With the ARM controlling chip,you can actually operate with the help of this CNC control unit.

WorkBee CNC Router Machine Used UC300 CNC Controller


UC300 vs NVUM

UC300 is an upgraded version of NVUM. The output frequency of each axis of UC300 is 300 KHz, while NVUM is only 200KHZ.
And UC300 provides MPG interface and Genernal interface, which is more convenient to use

  • Motion control 3-6 Axis(X, Y, Z, A, B, C) for option, max frequency output 300 KHz/Axis;
  • USB Communication with Mach 3 Software;
  • Main power supply 24VDC, Current should higher than 1A;
  • IO Power is 24VDC power supply input, current should higher than 1A (By the IO power supply, system already supply the power for IO ports. So no need the external power supply for IO port anymore.);
  • 12 opto-isolated digital input ports, 10 opto-isolated digital output ports;
  • 1 analog output port of 0-10V adjustable speed for spindle (can change to PWM output port);
  • ARM motion control chip, Two Relay output;
  • It is Compatible with Standard MPG and Digital Dream MPG.

uc300 motion controller

uc300 controller

uc300 cnc controller

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The YUYONG INDUSTRY QueenBee ULTRA is a super Performance Improvement version,High-rigd and High-Precision CNC machine with Full Track Linear Rail Upgrade based on very well-received WorkBee CNC machines.

Its many super upgrades have greatly improved the mechanical performance of the entire machine in terms of frame design or rigidity and precision.

With Full Series size,no matter Cutting or 3D carve wood,pcb plastics, aluminum, etc. to create beautiful intricate 3D carvings, inlays, furniture, signs, plaques, amazing works of art and so much more. All can be achieved here!


Original Name of QueenBee

The Original QueenBee is designed by CNC 3D,which located in Queensland, one year ago,David Nestor of CNC 3D introduced us to this QueenBee and other their machines when order from us.

The Original QueenBee is also great work,with X Y Z thickened gantry plate to increase Strength and overall rigidity,use the precise Linear Rail Guide System to Replace rolling Wheels.But There may some limitmations on Lead Screw Assembly and Frame rebuilding of WorkBee, and also redesigning of X Y Z Gantry Plates and End plates. These Enhanced upgrades to make sure the CNC machine become a very power CNC machine. So We rename it "QueenBee Ultra"!

Why need to Upgrade?

The WorkBee is a popular and well-designed CNC machine, it use V Wheel system to assembly X Y Z Axis to roll,If you have ever assembled a machine, you will know how frustrating it is to adjust the wheel to the same force balance.And Also,the wheel system only bear one direction force.When you put heavy spindle on Z Axis or Load on X Axis,the Wheels are not enough to support the weight,uneven force caused flex of X And Z Axis long term.

YUYONG INDUSTRY is committed to overcoming shortcomings and providing integrated solutions,Taller and thickened Plates with upgraded Linear Rails increased rigidity of the linear rails to make the machine more stable,at same time reduce the flex of X And Z axis,this allow the machine to support more heavier parts and bigger size.

On the other hand,the QueenBee ULTRA make a smooth and precise surface when milling soft metals such as aluminum or other materials via it's stability,greatly reduce the hedging during V Wheel Working.This provides more possibilities for increasing speed and high feed.

So there may a necessary to upgrade your machine.

Why Choose Linear Rail Guide?

There are many upgrade system can be used on CNC machines, such as Rod Linear Motion,Gear System,Linear Rail Guide system and other system.But after many testing and comparing,Linear Rail Guides are considered to be the most comprehensive system with its own structural characteristics.

Linear guides are generally used in linear reciprocating motion applications, and have higher load characteristics than linear bearings, bear a certain torque coefficient, and can achieve high-precision linear motion under high load conditions.

It is a kind of rolling guide, in which the steel ball rolls infinitely between the slider and the guide rail, so that the load platform can easily move along the guide rail with high precision and linear motion, and the friction coefficient is reduced to 50% of the usual traditional sliding guide, can easily achieve high positioning accuracy. The design of the terminal unit between the slider and the guide rail makes the linear guide rail bear the load in all directions, such as up, down, left, and right at the same time. The patented recirculation system and simplified structural design make the linear guide more smooth and low-noise movement.


  • Low noise during high-speed operation

  • New guide rail wear resistance

  • High precision and easy to disassemble

  • Simple assembly and universal accessories

  • Low cost and good efficiency

Its excellent characteristics have been widely used on industry, medical, science, defence, mining, construction, transportation.

QUEENBEE ULTRA CNC Mechanical kit Linear Rail upgraded precise CNC router Engraving machine


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