TC55V Offline CNC Controller

Axis3 Axis / 4 Axis
Display3.5 inch color screen
Contact key array38 Key
Chipspecifically for motion controller
differential signal output±Pulse/±Dir
Input16 channel 24V(photoelectric isolating)
Output8 channel 24V(Single channel 500mA)
Axis 1 Axis
OtherRS 485 communication(mixed programming with PLC)
Chinese/English Switch
USB connection
highly reliable, highly accurate, low noise and easy to use

Technical Specifications

 Min data unit0.001 mm
 Max data size± 99999.999mm
 Max Speed9000mm/min (pulse is 0.001mm)
 Max pulse output frequency150KHz
Linkage axes X,Y,Z,C axis can conduct linear interpolation,
 X,Y can do circular interpolation
Electric Gear: numerator1-99999 denominator: 1-99999
System main functionsautomatic, manual, program editing, system parameters, self-check, settings, etc
OtherMaximum 480 commands each program
Stop and Start of Spindle motor
PLC Extension
I/O Extension
Isolated I/O port
Self defining of I/O port
English panel display
Free boot picture setting
WarrantyOne year


TC55V CNC controller manual