TC55H Offline CNC Controller

tc55h cnc controller

Axis:3/4 Axis
Display:3.5 inch color LCD, pixel 320*240
Interpolation period:2ms
Single axis linear interpolation output pulse:
Circular interpolation output pulse:
4 axis linear interpolation output pulse:
Analog Spindle Output:
1 channel 0-10v analog spindle(VFD/ Servo Drive)
System:1μm 10μm 100μm

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TC55H can control 2 feeding axis,1 analog spindle.It is equipped with 16 input port and 8 output port,supporting importing G code files and boot picture from USB stick

Technical Specifications 

Minimum data unit 0.001 mm
Maximum data size ± 99999.999mm
Maximum Speed: 9000mm/min (pulse is 0.001mm)
Maximum pulse output frequency 400KHz
Axis 1-2 (X,Y)
Linear interpolation and circular interpolation. 
Electric Gear: numerator :1-99999 denominator: 1-99999 
USB: Importing program and boot picture 
Isolated I/O port
Maximum Program Line:1000
Maximum Program: 99
RAM: 128M
External Manual Operation: motor clockwise and counter clockwise spinning, start, pause, alert and stop 
G code and M code
One panel MPG 
3.5 inch color LCD, pixel 320*240 
Analog Spindle Output: one 0-10v analog spindle
Support both servo and stepper motor
Support metric system, round, division, degree, inch etc.
Support USB power supply.

TC55H Manual

One thought to “TC55H Offline CNC Controller”

  1. Hi, i want to use your tc55h controller for my pick and place machines
    My pick and place machine will need to read 10 inputs and send 6 output using gcode
    Can your controller able to perform this kind of task
    any example G-code files how to write the read input signal
    Best regards

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