The Beok Tuya Smart Life WiFi thermostat is a device that can be used to control the temperature in your home or office. It is designed to work with gas boilers and warm floor heating systems and can be controlled remotely using a smartphone app or through voice commands with smart home assistants such as Yandex Alice, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant.

The Beok Tuya Smart Life WiFi thermostat allows you to set and adjust the temperature in your home or office remotely, so you can ensure that your space is always at a comfortable temperature. It also has features such as a schedule setting and vacation mode, which allow you to set a specific temperature for certain times of the day or when you are away from home.

Installing a WiFi thermostat like the Beok Tuya Smart Life can be a convenient way to control the temperature in your home and save energy. It is important to follow the instructions provided with the thermostat and to seek guidance from a professional if you are unsure about the installation process.

TGW003-WIFI-WP is for Water floor heating. TGW003-WIFI Heating Thermostat is a Digitial WIFI touch screen thermostat with smartphone control.

Tuya Smart Life Wifi Thermostat

It can be controlled by phone. Phone systems(smart life and Tuya) are IOS and Andriod systems optional.
It can also be voice controlled by Google home and Alexa.
It is applied to temperature control of the industrial, commercial, and domestic rooms, and the start of control heating appliances, especially floor heating systems.

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TGW003-WIFI-EP is for Electric floor heating.
TGW003-WIFI-WP is for Water floor heating.

Tuya Smart works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, controls with voice when you are not free, intelligent temperature control Creating a comfortable environment.

Home screen quick reference

Tuya Smart Life Wifi Thermostat


1.3 sensor modes can be set
2. Large screen display and touch button
3. Power-off memory function
4. Real-time data save function
5. 5+2 or 6+1or 7days six periods program schedule
6. Anti-freezing function
7. Selectable 60mmx60mm European hidden box.
8. With the child lock function
9. Alexa/Google Home Voice control
10. Tuya Smart/Smart Life App remote control via smartphone