A18E/A18S DSP controller 1. This is the original brand : RichAuto2. DSP controller for cnc router,USB connect can be use without computer3. suitable for 4 axis 4. apply for 4 axis  cnc machine5. we have set up the English version before deliver Check Current Price RichAuto A18 DSP controller include A18E AND A18S two Version.For the Operation and its system, it is all same. It could set the … Read more


A12E/A12S DSP controller 1. This is the original brand: RichAuto2. DSP controller for CNC router can be used without the computer3. suitable for 3 axis4. A112E/A12S the same as 0503. The function has improved, use in the same way, A12E/A12S have replaced 0503 from 2015   5. we have set up the English version before deliver … Read more