STARCAM nesting software V4.5

Starfire Nesting Software is a program used to create and edit CNC programs for flame and plasma-cutting machines. It is specifically designed to support nesting, which is the process of arranging parts on a material in an efficient way to minimize waste.

The software is compatible with Windows 10 and can be used to control CNC machines that use G code or FastCAM programming languages. It includes features such as automatic nesting, collision avoidance, and real-time visualization, which can help increase the efficiency and accuracy of the cutting process.

In order to use Starfire Nesting Software, you will need to install it on a computer and connect it to your CNC machine using a CNC controller. You will also need to create or edit CNC programs using the software, and then load them onto the controller to be executed by the CNC machine.

Overall, Starfire Nesting Software can be a useful tool for anyone looking to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their flame or plasma-cutting operations. It can be particularly useful for those working in industries such as manufacturing, engineering, or prototyping, where precise and complex cuts are required.

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Brief introduction of automatic common edge continuous cutting nesting software

StarCAM automatic common edge continuous cutting nesting software is composed of three modules: drawing module (StarCAM), nesting module (StarNEST), and numerical control cutting code simulation module (StarPLOT). Each module can run independently or call each other. Support the NC programming of a variety of NC cutting control machines.

  1. StarCAM drawing module, which can complete the graphics drawing, editing, zooming, copying, array, rotation, and other operations of the cut parts; support the import, edit, and export of CAD graphics files in other formats (such as CAM, DXF, DWG, IGES), Support user library management; and can optimize CAD graphics. It is also possible to generate cutting paths and processing codes required for the CNC machining of parts.
  2. StarNEST nesting module can complete batch nesting of multiple parts on rectangular plates or surplus plates, support short-line continuous cutting, common edge and bridging technology, improve the utilization rate of the plate, reduce the number of perforations, fast and efficiently High, supports manual nesting, matrix nesting, interactive nesting, and residual nesting, and can quickly generate CNC codes required by a variety of CNC cutting equipment.
  3. The StarPLOT simulation module can perform computer graphics simulation of the cutting instructions (NC code) generated by the above two modules and can run in a single step and track step by step. It supports the editing and modification of the cutting instructions (NC code) during the simulation process and can be verified. The correctness and rationality of cutting instructions (NC codes) can improve production efficiency and also estimate processing costs.

New features of StarCAM automatic common edge continuous cutting nesting software

  1. Automatic position capture function: Integrate with traditional drawing software, and add a control point capture function (midpoint, endpoint, quadrant point, intersection point, entity point, etc.) to improve the operability of the software. Improved drawing speed and interactivity.
  2. Window ruler display function: The added window ruler function can intuitively reflect the size of the part and the size of the plate. The ruler can dynamically change with the zoom of the part, and the user can intuitively see the size and coordinated position of the part.
  3. Increase the special display function when the entity is selected: improve user identification. And an indication of the zooming direction of the contour line has been added, which is convenient for users to choose.
  4. The sharp corner transition processing after tool path compensation is added: to prevent the contour line breakage and distortion that appear after the tool path compensation of the part graphics.
  5. Support the import and edit of other graphics file formats: import/export and edit operations of graphics format files such as AutoCAD and FastCAM.
  6. Intelligent trimming function: It can quickly complete the trimming and deleting operations of graphic line segments and arcs, the method is simple and practical.
  7. The user library management function is added, and the user can classify common parts into the user graphic library for later nesting use.
  8. Automatic path setting function: Use this function to quickly generate the processing path of the part and lead-in and lead-out lines, and dynamically modify the position of the lead-in and lead-out lines to reduce part interference and increase the utilization rate of the plate. Support the compensation line display function, so that the user can intuitively see the magnitude of the compensation.
  9. CAD removal and CAD compression function: The CAD removal function is used to remove redundant line segments and duplicate entities in CAD graphics. The CAD compression function can compress a large number of small line segments in the graphic file, reducing the number of entities and improving the cutting efficiency.
  10. The short-line continuous cutting function is added to the nesting module. When the lead-in and lead-out lines of each part are close, the lead-in line of the previous part is directly and continuously cut to the lead-in line of the next part. There is no need to re-pierce and reduce the perforation. Quantity.
  11. The nesting module has added a full co-edge discharge function. For a large number of parts with linear contours, the nesting is performed directly according to the slit width when nesting, and the common edge is only cut once, which greatly reduces the number of perforations and Cutting length.
  12. The line-drawing bridging function is added to the nesting module, and the contours of multiple parts are connected into one contour by the bridging line, which reduces the number of perforations and can effectively extend the life of the cutting moment.
  13. Added the function of generating residual material plates and residual material nesting materials, which can automatically generate residual material plate files for the processed residual materials for users to insert residual material plates for nesting in future cutting. 
  14. The control file modification tool is added, and the user can edit the cutting instruction (NC code) according to the code format of the control system used.