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SMC5-5-N-N Offline CNC Controller

5 axis off-line controller Offline CNC controller  

The motion controller uses high performance 32 bit Cpu and high performance FPGA, equipped with seven inch LCD display, man-machine interface window humanization, memory using external USB with built-in 8GTF card, large storage space, can be connected with the U disk, the working voltage of 12-24 volts ultra wide input, touch type keyboard. The system has the characteristics of high reliability, high precision, small noise and easy operation.

The controller can have five axis, multi micro segment forward control algorithm can realize five axis linear interpolation and five axis micro multi segment continuous interpolation, and the line continued carving control, power down storage coordinate function. Support the handwheel control interface.

Simple and clear parameters are convenient and quick for your operation. The input / output settings are convenient for you to use and extend the peripherals.


Parameter setting: the control parameters related to processing and operation can be set up to make the processing effect reach the best state.

Manual operation: manual operation, point movement, return program zero, back machine zero, coordinate zero and so on.

Program management: the program can be new, deleted, modified, read, save, copy and paste, automatic processing, continuous, pause and other functions.

External IO input: a variety of external IO input controls can be defined to facilitate use

Free selection of input functions: the limited input port can achieve various user needs

Handwheel: hold an external handwheel to control input or host panel advanced function key analog handwheel, handwheel support speed mode or position mode

system composition

The numerical control system is mainly composed of the following parts:

High performance, high speed 32 bit ARM CPU, high sex function FPGA

Liquid crystal display (resolution: 800 x 480)

Input / output (16 way photoelectric isolation 10MA input, 8 way photoelectric isolation drop tank flow 500MA output)

Technical indicators

Minimum standard data unit 0.001mm

Conventional precision is positive and negative 2PP pole

The precision of the continuous line corner is one of the 4 points of the angle of the corner.

(can be defined as an arbitrary value to meet high precision requirements)

Maximum data size + 99999.999mm

Maximum pulse output frequency 500KHz (five axes can be simultaneously 500KHZ)

5 axes (X, Y, Z, A, B) controlled by the number of axes

5 axis linkage of linkage shaft number and 5 axis multi line multi line segment prospective interpolation control

Hand wheel control speed mode or position mode intelligent cutting deceleration point

The intelligent software is limited to predict the deceleration point ahead of time, the reverse will be automatically lifted and the control is more humanized

Support U disk

Built-in memory, which can expand the high storage capacity of 32G


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