A12E/A12S DSP controller

1. This is the original brand: RichAuto
2. DSP controller for CNC router can be used without the computer
3. suitable for 3 axis
4. A112E/A12S the same as 0503. The function has improved, use in the same way, A12E/A12S have replaced 0503 from 2015   
5. we have set up the English version before deliver

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RichAuto is CNC motion control system,it can be widely applied to machinery, advertisement, woodworking, mold engraving machine, laser, flame, plasma cutting machine, and so on in the machine control field.

RichAuto make DSP as the core control system, high-speed processing operation is the microcontroller, PLC systems can’t match; Use embedded structure, high degree of integration, strong stability,easy to installation and operation; U disk support,removable storage card reader,with USB Interface, high speed transfer, plug and play the full realization of all work offline.

RichAuto A12 DSP controller includes A12E AND A12S two Version.   For the Operation and its system, it is all same. It could set the Language in DSP by yourself.   
The Only different is:   The handle surface of A12E is English words without Chinese. (Default delivery model)   The handle surface of A12S have English and Chinese words

RichAuto A12 Manual