Technical parameters

1,8-way motor interface output up to 400KHZ frequency; drive capacity 20mA, differential interface.
2,256M non-volatile memory on board.
3,USB maximum transmission rate of 12M, the longest distance of 5 meters.
4,maximum transmission rate of 100M for network cable, maximum transmission distance of 200M.
5,linear/arc/B-sample interpolation accuracy +/-0.5 pulse.
6,28-way universal opto-isolated oc-gate output, maximum 300mA drive capability (with renewal protection), can directly drive 24v/5v DC relays.
7,32-way universal opto-isolated input, compatible with 5v/12v/24v logic level.

Function description

1,support up to 8-way servo/stepper motor control.
2,Support up to 2-channel extended serial port, which can communicate with EPLC-400, wireless handheld devices (BWK201R,BWK301R), and other devices with RS232 standard interface.
3,support up to 28-way OC gate output, can directly drive 5V/24 relay, controller built-in buzzer + tricolor light control output.
4,Support cell phone APP.
5,support single belt type/multi-belt type 2 head electric inter-shift control.
6,Support double-head asynchronous processing.
7,Support projection cutting processing method.
8,support mixed processing of processing tools such as vibrating knife, press wheel, milling cutter, punching and drawing brush.
9, 8-axis card, multiple inputs and outputs to facilitate custom function development.

RDD6584G Manual

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