PM53C CNC control system for engraving machine

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  • Three basic motion axes are available and binary input & output points and analog outputs can be further expanded. The above configuration varies with different choices of machine tool builders.
  • It supports CNC rotary table (varying with different versions).
  • Auto processing supports G code of ISO standard, HP PLT format, DXF format, JDPaint ENG format and popular CAD/CAM software at home and abroad, like UG, Pro/E, MasterCAM, Cimatron, CASMate and ArtCAM, etc.
  • It supports manual operation, like jog mode, stepping (increment) mode and handwheel mode. Under these modes, the user can not only manipulate the machine with the help of machine tool input equipment like hand-held device, but also use computer input equipment such as keyboard and mouse to realize manual operation.
  • It supports array processing: the user can repeatedly carry out processing procedure according to columns and arrays defined.
  • It supports rotation & image processing. This function can perform rotation & image machining centered on the workpiece origin.
  • It supports stepping function: the user can set the precise feed value and adjust the step length value.
  • It supports user data input function: the user can input G code online and execute it right away.
  • It supports advanced processing instructions. Simply by inputting several parameters, bottom milling and frame milling can be realized.
  • It supports single step mode: the user can set a processing task to be executed as single step mode, which provides a good support for error diagnosing and failure recovery.
  • Advanced auto functions such as breakpoint resume and advanced start are supported.
  • Feed axes can back to mechanical origin (reference point) precisely.
  • It supports auto tool presetting function, including fixed presetting, floating presetting and auto centering, etc.
  • It supports workpiece field save/restore function. By taking into consideration the problem of sudden power failure customers are likely to meet, the system has been designed to prevent any system file damage caused by sudden power-off. Functions like breakpoint resume, backing to mechanical origin precisely, etc, also guarantee machining field reliable restoration after the system is restarted.
  • It supports feedrate override online adjustment. The user can adjust feedrate override freely during machining. The minimum value is 0, equivalent to a pause in processing and the maximum value is 120%.
  • It supports high-smooth speed connection function. In an ordinary NC system, the connecting speed between two G codes usually is a fixed value, such as 0 or a very small value. However, by adopting machining speed adaptive forecasting algorithm, our system can decide the connecting speed between the current code and the next code by taking the connecting speed, its direction, and the maximum acceleration speed into consideration and by employing forward predicting function. This not only improves machining efficiency (from 30% to 300%), but also enhances the machining performance by eliminating speed chatter marks left on the surface of the workpiece.
  • It supports three-dimensional simulation display function. With simple operation, the user can observe the three-dimensional machining result from various orientations to understand it more accurately and more intuitionally.


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