Plasma Torch Height Controller

Torch Height Controller

The automatic torch height control (THC) is one of the most important components of a machine profile cutting machine. But it is also one of the most misused, improperly functioning or even neglected devices on a cutting machine. In many job shops, you will see torch operators manually raising and lowering the torch while cutting – eyes on the torch, thumbs on the dip switches. This is happening either because the THC is not working properly or because the operator has not been trained to operate the equipment. In either case, it indicates that the shop is not taking full advantage of its cutting equipment.

There are a variety of torch height controllers or “pitch controllers” available on the market. Each of these automatic THCs has its own functions and features. But all use the same basic components to control the position of the torch in relation to the material to be cut. This “torch-to-workpiece” distance (also known as “pitch”) is critical to ensuring cut quality and part life.

Components of the THC

Motor-driven Torch Positioner This device raises and lowers the torch in response to a signal from the console. A screw drive, rack and pinion, and belt drive mechanism are used to transmit the motion.

The control console is the brain of the system. It receives input commands from the remote control, sends output commands to the torch positioner, and monitors position feedback and voltage signals.

Plasma Cutting System Interface This unit typically includes a pressure divider card mounted on the inside of the plasma power supply. This voltage divider card monitors the supply voltage during cutting. It “splits” the voltage signal and sends the smaller signal voltage to the console.

The remote control The remote control is the HMI (Human Machine Interface). From the remote control, the operator can set two key cutting parameters: initial height and arc pressure. It may be located inside the CNC controller or in a separate remote control box.

Best plasma torch height controller

cnc plasma controller kit

CNC THC Plasma Cutting Torch Height Controller with THC Lifter

F162X series of equipment uses the basic constant current characteristic of plasma power supply to detect the change of plasma torch height by detecting the change of plasma arc voltage, so as to control the height between the torch and the workpiece in real-time. It is suitable for height control of plasma power cutting torch with constant current characteristics or constant current characteristics within a certain voltage range. It is especially suitable for cutting torch height control of various cutting machines. This series of equipment is light and portable, easy to operate and to use. All keys and knobs are designed with humanity, comfortable, and convenient.

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