Plasma StarFire SF-2100c

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Starfire CNC Controller

The CNC system of SF-2100C cutting machine is highly reliable and has the ability to resist plasma interference, lightning strike and surge. Practical flame/plasma cutting process. It is widely used in metal processing, advertising, stone and other industries. Used in various flame/plasma, high-pressure water jets, laser cutting machines, etc.
The STARTFIRE SF-2100C system has high reliability and has the ability to resist plasma interference, lightning strikes and surges.

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  • Processor: using industrial-grade ARM processing chip;
  • Display: 7-inch color LCD display, 800 * 480;
  • Input \ output: the system provides 16 optical isolation inputs and 16 optical isolation outputs;
  • Number of linkage axes: 2 axes, which can be expanded to 3 linkage axes;
  • Maximum speed: not less than 24 m / min;
  • Pulse equivalent: flexible adjustment;
  • Storage space: 4G large user program storage capacity, unlimited processing programs;
  • Chassis size: 298 × 202 × 65 (mm);
  • Working temperature: 0 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃; storage temperature: -20 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃;


  • With slit compensation function, check whether the compensation is reasonable in the program, and make a corresponding report for the user to choose;
  • Breakpoint recovery, automatic recovery function after power failure, automatic memory of breakpoint;
  • Arbitrary segment selection and perforation point processing function;
  • The thick plate has the function of epitaxial perforation, and the thin plate has the function of bridging;
  • Functions such as rollback, segment selection, breakpoint recovery, and optional perforation position greatly facilitate the user’s control; it can be transferred and cut at any time;
  • 24 kinds of graphics parts library (expandable), including commonly used basic processing parts;
  • Fully compatible with StarCAM nesting software, compatible with mainstream nesting software such as IBE (Germany) and FASTCAM;
  • Multi-language operation interface conversion, dynamic graphic display, graphic magnification 1-8 times, automatic tracking of moving points, U disk reading program, software upgrade in time.

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