Plasma StarFire SF-2100c

The SF-2100C is a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) controller board that is used to control a variety of machine tools, including plasma flame-cutting machines and laser-cutting machines. It is compatible with the StarCAM software, which is used to create and edit the cutting paths for the machine.

The SF-2100C is a motion control system that is responsible for controlling the movement of the cutting head on the machine. It receives commands from the computer and translates them into precise movements of the cutting head, ensuring that the machine cuts the material with high accuracy and repeatability.

The SF-2100C is typically used in industrial settings, such as factories or workshops, where precise cutting of materials is required. It is a specialized controller that is designed to handle the high speeds and precise movements required for plasma flame and laser cutting.

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Starfire CNC Controller

The CNC system of the SF-2100C cutting machine is highly reliable and can resist plasma interference, lightning strike, and surge. Practical flame/plasma cutting process. It is widely used in metal processing, advertising, stone, and other industries. Used in various flame/plasma, high-pressure water jets, laser cutting machines, etc.
The STARTFIRE SF-2100C system has high reliability and the ability to resist plasma interference, lightning strikes, and surges.

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  • Processor: using industrial-grade ARM processing chip;
  • Display: 7-inch color LCD display, 800 * 480;
  • Input \ output: the system provides 16 optical isolation inputs and 16 optical isolation outputs;
  • Number of linkage axes: 2 axes, which can be expanded to 3 linkage axes;
  • Maximum speed: not less than 24 m / min;
  • Pulse equivalent: flexible adjustment;
  • Storage space: 4G large user program storage capacity, unlimited processing programs;
  • Chassis size: 298 × 202 × 65 (mm);
  • Working temperature: 0 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃; storage temperature: -20 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃;


  • With the slit compensation function, check whether the compensation is reasonable in the program, and make a corresponding report for the user to choose;
  • Breakpoint recovery, automatic recovery function after a power failure, automatic memory of breakpoint;
  • Arbitrary segment selection and perforation point processing function;
  • The thick plate has the function of epitaxial perforation, and the thin plate has the function of bridging;
  • Functions such as rollback, segment selection, breakpoint recovery, and optional perforation position greatly facilitate the user’s control; it can be transferred and cut at any time;
  • 24 kinds of graphics parts library (expandable), including commonly used basic processing parts;
  • Fully compatible with StarCAM nesting software, compatible with mainstream nesting software such as IBE (Germany) and FASTCAM;
  • Multi-language operation interface conversion, dynamic graphic display, graphic magnification 1-8 times, automatic tracking of moving points, U disk reading program, software upgrade in time.

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