Panasonic Servo Alarm

Panasonic Servo Alarm 16.0 is overload protection. When the actual value of the torque command exceeds the overload level set by parameter Pr5.12, the overload protection function is activated according to the motor’s overload protection time limit characteristics.
Alarm reason:

  1. The motor runs under heavy load for a long time, and its effective torque exceeds the rated value.
  2. Improper gain setting may cause vibration or oscillation. The motor vibrates or makes abnormal noises. The parameter Pr0.04 (inertia ratio) is set incorrectly.
  3. The motor cable is connected incorrectly or disconnected. (Check if U, V, W wiring is wrong)
  4. The machine hits a heavy object, or the load becomes heavier, or is entangled.