Offline CNC Router Control Box

 independent  off line CNC Control Box 4 axis for CNC router DIY upgrade

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Using high-performance 32-bit Cpu+DSP, equipped with a liquid crystal display, a user-friendly window-type man-machine interface, an external U disk, full optocoupler isolation, and the working voltage and control voltage are isolated. The system has the characteristics of high reliability, high precision, low noise and convenient operation. Each axis can easily output a frequency of 250KHz.
Parameter setting: Various control parameters related to processing and operation can be set to achieve the best processing effect.
Manual operation: It can realize manual operation, jog movement, program zero return, mechanical zero return, coordinate reset and other operations.
Support GC, NC, TAP, TXT, and other standard G code files.
System composition: high-performance high-speed 32-bit ARM CPU + 3.2-inch LCD display (resolution: 320×240)