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nvum cnc controller
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NVUM CNC Controller

NVUM cnc controller  

Model: NVUM USB MACH3 Card

As a new usb mach3 control card, nvum controller support up to 6 axes, the price is very affordable, and the use is very simple. It can be used to process various patterns, and the advertising industry can also be used in various small and medium-sized automation equipment and instruments.

WorkBee CNC Router Machine Used NVUM Controller



- For processing various patterns such as embossing plate, sole mould, zipper mould, pattern die and stamping die, instrument mold, glass mold etc..
- For the advertising industry such as: our brand, signs, architectural models, badges, nameplate, panels, logo, numbers, signs, craft decoration, furniture decoration etc.
- For the portrait, landscape, calligraphy lettering, seals and other graphic art sculpture, calligraphy, Basso relievo, etc..
- With the CNC controller, suitable for all kinds of small and medium-sized automation equipment and instruments.

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What is a WorkBee CNC?

The WorkBee is latest CNC Machine. The WorkBee is capable of accurately cutting foams, woods, plastics or aluminum at depths greater than 25mm to 0.2mm accuracy or greater.

WorkBee based on C-Beam, V-Slot, Xtreme Solid V-Wheels and TR8x8(P2) Leadscrews the WorkBee is strong, accurate and reliable.

It is best for someone who is new to cnc machine,because WorkBee simplicity in design makes it a great machine.

The WorkBee CNC Full Kit have been version 2.3 after many big changes and upgrades.Expecially the latest Version add Tingle Tensioning System which solve the problem of whipping when for long length or faster speed,it allows the Lead screw to be placed under a higher amount of tension which minimises lead screw ‘whip’ allowing faster feed rates to be achieved.It make the Lead Screw Smooth and precise.

It has been carefully designed and can accurately cut foams, woods, plastics and aluminium to 0.05-0.2mm accuracy or better.With a WorkBee CNC Kit you can manufacture functional engineering parts, toys, signs, or whatever you can imagine without leaving the workshop.

Mach3 Bundle(Use Mach3 Software) or GRBL Bundle(Use GRBL Software) or CNC USB Bundle(Use CNC USB Software) are perfect for the Full Kit

- WorkBee engraving milling machine -500mmx750mm (Working Area 300X520mm)

- WorkBee engraving milling machine -750mmx750mm (Working Area 550X520mm)

- WorkBee engraving milling machine -750mmx1000mm(Working Area 550X770mm)

- WorkBee engraving milling machine -1000mmx1000mm (Working Area 800X770mm)

- WorkBee engraving milling machine -1000mmx1500mm(Working Area 800X1270mm)

- WorkBee engraving milling machine -1500mmx1500mm (Working Area 1300X1270mm)


NVUM vs STB5100

Nvum cnc controller is a mach3 control card with USB interface. It supports multiple functions, including spindle PWM control, electrical isolation, emergency function, setting water cooler, and supports standard handwheel MPG. The maximum pulse output of 200kHz stepping motor can meet the needs of most CNC milling machine systems.


  • support USB
  • 12 ports input,10 port output
  • support 3-6 axis stepper systems,200KHz pulse output for every axis
  • support the digital display MPG


Some special G codes are not supported


STB5100 5-axis mach3 USB controller card, suitable for all versions of mach3 software, support for all versions of Windows operating system, easy to use, very suitable for the users that using mach3 software to make engraving machine.


  • Support Windows XP, Windows 7 32/64bit, Windows8, Windows10 operating system
  • Applicable to all versions of mach3 software
  • The maximum output pulse frequency is 100KHz
  • PWM speed control signal


Without a shell, the maximum pulse output is only 100kHZ

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NVUM Mach3 Controller Wiring for WorkBee,Lead CNC and other Similar CNC machines
<WorkBee Full Kit>

(Limit Switch wiring to NVUM Stepper Motor Wiring to NVUM NVUM wiring to Power Supply Stepper Driver wiring to MVUM Spindle wiring to VFD VFD wiring to NVUM)


NVUM Manual

NVUM Mach3 setup Please see manual

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