NVUM CNC Controller

NVUM cnc controller

Model: NVUM USB MACH3 Card
As a new usb mach3 control card, nvum controller support up to 6 axes, the price is very affordable, and the use is very simple. It can be used to process various patterns, and the advertising industry can also be used in various small and medium-sized automation equipment and instruments.

WorkBee CNC Router Machine Used NVUM Controller


– For processing various patterns such as embossing plate, sole mould, zipper mould, pattern die and stamping die, instrument mold, glass mold etc..
– For the advertising industry such as: our brand, signs, architectural models, badges, nameplate, panels, logo, numbers, signs, craft decoration, furniture decoration etc.
– For the portrait, landscape, calligraphy lettering, seals and other graphic art sculpture, calligraphy, Basso relievo, etc..
– With the CNC controller, suitable for all kinds of small and medium-sized automation equipment and instruments.

NVUM vs STB5100

Nvum cnc controller is a mach3 control card with USB interface. It supports multiple functions, including spindle PWM control, electrical isolation, emergency function, setting water cooler, and supports standard handwheel MPG. The maximum pulse output of 200kHz stepping motor can meet the needs of most CNC milling machine systems.


  • support USB
  • 12 ports input,10 port output
  • support 3-6 axis stepper systems,200KHz pulse output for every axis
  • support the digital display MPG


Some special G codes are not supported

STB5100 5-axis mach3 USB controller card, suitable for all versions of mach3 software, support for all versions of Windows operating system, easy to use, very suitable for the users that using mach3 software to make engraving machine.


  • Support Windows XP, Windows 7 32/64bit, Windows8, Windows10 operating system
  • Applicable to all versions of mach3 software
  • The maximum output pulse frequency is 100KHz
  • PWM speed control signal


Without a shell, the maximum pulse output is only 100kHZ

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NVUM Mach3 Controller Wiring for WorkBee,Lead CNC and other Similar CNC machines

<WorkBee Full Kit>
(Limit Switch wiring to NVUM Stepper Motor Wiring to NVUM NVUM wiring to Power Supply Stepper Driver wiring to MVUM Spindle wiring to VFD VFD wiring to NVUM)

NVUM Manual

NVUM Mach3 setup Please see manual

22 thoughts to “NVUM CNC Controller”

  1. I have an NVUM control, now I get a message Reload firmware, link with “.bin” file does not work.
    “Oops! That page can’t be found.”

  2. Hola, he realizado la instalación del producto NVUM USB MACH3 Card 4 axis en una cnc router y controlado por mach3, con licencia propia original. Al realizar las configuraciones no logro terminarlas ya que no guarda los parámetros para los motores. al reiniciar el software y seleccionar el plugin me aparece el mensaje CHOOSE BIN FILE, no pudiendo solucionarlo. Agradecería me puedan ayudar, Gracias.
    He solicitado respuesta en tienda MartAtHome Store de AliExpress donde adquirí 2 NVUM USB MACH3 Card 4 axis sin obtener respuesta. Gracias nuevamente.

  3. Hi,
    The “NVUM_Bin file” link or button on this page does not work!!!
    Would you please activate the link so I can download the bin file for my controller?

  4. This controller can makes lots pf problem for the user. All of a sudden the firmware gets corrupted and the manufacturer link in this web page for the firmware bin file does not work (Nvun_bin file). So if this happens to you, you have to throw away your novusun controller. :((((((((((((

    Hope someone see this and sends me the firmware bin file.


  5. Why is there a delay between pressing feed hold or stop and the motion actually stopping, it seems that the motion controller finishes the move or part of the move and then stops. It is safer and better if is stops when the feed hold or stop are pressed using the acceleration setting of the axis.

  6. Hi.
    I am sending this email to get your help.
    I want to download the binary file, but your link is broken.
    How can I receive the driver binary file?
    I want to make a program and run it without using a mach3.
    I would appreciate it if you could tell me how to download the binary file.

  7. Bom dia.

    Estou precisando do firmaware da placa NVUM6-SP.
    A minha não está reconhecendo mais na USB.
    Qual o procedimento para atualizar o Firmaware?

    Good Morning.

    I need the firmware of the NVUM6-SP board.
    Mine is no longer recognizing the USB.
    What is the procedure to update Firmaware?

  8. Hi ,
    My NVUM SPV2 failed to work.
    I order the new one already but it take time for 3-4 weeks.
    Can you advise how to repair and where to fix the problem?

  9. Firmware for Novusun NVUM v2.0 download link won’t work.
    There Lot’s of bugs in 4 axis NVUM board plugin, In mach3 software can not zero machine coordinates at all. (in example RNR eco motion card works ok.)
    Softlimits trigger errors and won’t stop directly at wanted limit zone. It goes beyond then stops.
    Very strange behavour in this control board indeed.

  10. Hello have the problem that the HF Sindel runs up extremely slow.
    The PWM 0-10V needs about 12 seconds to rise from 0 to 10V.
    How can I adjust this.

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