NVUM-SP USB MACH3 CNC Controller 100KHz

NVUM_SPv1.1 is a motion controller designed for use with the Mach3 software and standard MPG (manual pulse generator) devices. It uses an ARM design framework and can be used to control 3-6 axes of motion. It communicates with a computer via USB.

  • Can control 5pcs stepper motor at the same time
  • With 10 channels programmable input interface
  • With 3 channels programmable output interface
  • With 1 channel MPG interface
  • Main axis PWM output control
  • Support MACH3 software
  • UB interface support MACH3 software
  • DCDC electrical isolation
  • Optocoupler
  • Max.100K stepper motor control pulse output, suitable for most CNC machine system


For mold that processes a variety of patterns such as embossing plate, sole mold, button mold, zipper dies, patterns and characters of impression and gold stamping mold, mold equipment, mold, and other glass.

  • Advertising, such as our cards, signs, architectural models, badges, badges, nameplates, panels, logos, numbers, symbols, craft decoration, and furniture decoration.
  • For the portrait, landscape, calligraphy lettering, seals and other graphic art sculpture, calligraphy, Basso relievo, etc.
  • With CNC controller, suitable for all kinds of small and medium automation equipment, and instruments.