MACH3 LPT port 4 axis Stepper motor Driver Card NV8727T4V4

Novusun CNC has engaged in the Numerical control industry for 7 years,specialized in
the research,development and production of various CNC controller systems with high quality
and high reliability.We produce the Brushless DC motor,Stepper motor driver,and also 1 to 6 aixs
CNC motion controllers.
NV8727T4V4 is the 4 axis motion controller we spend 1 years to design.
NV8727T4V4 support Mach3 software, through LPT port to communicate with computer.
This manual introduces operation,connection and usage schedule of our professional
motion controller for engraving machine.Through a lot of the drawing the users can learn
quickly how to use this motion controller.

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Support LPT
5 ports photoelectric isolated input interface
1 ports photoelectric isolated output interface
1 port 0-10V spindle speed analog output interface(can change to PWM output)
2 relay output. can support 4 axis stepper systems,100KHz pulse output for every axis
ARM motion control chip
main device is 12V-32VDC power supply input,current should higher than 10A