NEJE 3 Plus CNC Laser Engraver Review

The NEJE 3 Plus Max 80W CNC Laser Engraver is a popular and versatile tool that has gained recognition among users. This comprehensive user review aims to provide an objective evaluation of the product, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, personal recommendations and the target audience for this product will be discussed.

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The NEJE 3 Plus Max 80W CNC Laser Engraver is a robust and feature-rich machine that offers a wide range of applications. With its impressive specifications, including a large working area and high-resolution capabilities, it promises to deliver precise and professional results.

Product Advantages

Versatile and Powerful: The NEJE 3 Plus Max 80W CNC Laser Engraver offers a wide range of capabilities, including wood cutting, metal engraving, and 3D printing. With its A40640 laser module, it provides users with high power and precision for various applications.

Compact and Sturdy Design: The device features a compact frame size, making it suitable for users with limited space. The high-precision PC material hybrid frame ensures stability, smooth operation, and easy maintenance, contributing to its long lifespan.

High Resolution and Accuracy: The NEJE 3 Plus Max boasts a dot pitch of 0.075mm and a pixel resolution of 2400 x 5600 px, resulting in sharp and detailed engravings. The driving accuracy of 0.01mm ensures precise positioning and consistent results.

Compatibility and Connectivity: The device supports various operating systems, including Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS, allowing users to choose their preferred platform for controlling and operating the engraver. The BLE app control and NEJE Win software provide convenient and user-friendly interfaces.

Modular System: The NEJE 3 Plus Max is compatible with different NEJE 4-pin 12V Laser Modules, providing users with flexibility in choosing the appropriate module for their specific needs. The A40640 module, in particular, stands out for its zoom design, metal engraving ability, and fast groove engraving capability.

Product Drawbacks

Software App Limitations: Some users have reported that the software app provided with the engraver is clunky and requires excessive permissions on mobile devices. The app also had difficulties with firmware upgrades and certain functions, such as creating text.

Speed and Depth Adjustments: While the NEJE 3 Plus Max offers adjustable settings to increase engraving speed, it may sacrifice engraving depth. Users may need to find a balance between speed and depth based on their specific requirements.

Smoke and Odor: As the engraver burns the materials, it produces smoke and odor, which can be a concern for users. While adequate ventilation can mitigate this issue, it is worth noting that engraving in well-ventilated areas or outdoors is recommended.

Personal Suggestions

Software Improvement: The NEJE team should focus on enhancing the software app, addressing issues related to permissions, firmware upgrades, and text creation functions. Streamlining the app’s interface and improving its user experience would greatly benefit customers.

Clearer Documentation: Providing comprehensive and detailed documentation that clearly explains the package contents and additional accessories would help users make informed decisions during the purchasing process.

Recommended Target Audience

Artists and Creatives: The NEJE 3 Plus Max is an excellent choice for artists and creatives who require precise engraving and cutting capabilities across various materials. Its high resolution and compatibility with different file formats make it a valuable tool for artistic expression.

Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs: With its versatility and efficient performance, the NEJE 3 Plus Max is suitable for small-scale production and personalized customization. Business owners and entrepreneurs can leverage its capabilities for creating unique products and branding materials.

Educational Institutions: The user-friendly design, compatibility with multiple software, and ease of use make the NEJE 3 Plus Max a valuable tool for educational institutions. It can facilitate hands-on learning experiences, introduce students to laser engraving technology, and promote creativity.


The NEJE 3 Plus Max 80W CNC Laser Engraver offers versatile capabilities, high resolution, and a compact design. While improvements are needed in the software app and documentation, the device’s performance and compatibility with various modules make it a valuable tool for artists, small business owners, and educational institutions. With its powerful engraving abilities and precision, the NEJE 3 Plus Max can help users achieve their creative and production goals.

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