NCH02 Offline Montion Controller System

NCH02 is the 5 axis motion controller we spend 2 years to design.
NCH02 is a CNC system without computer. Only need a U-disk within G-CODE file,
NCH02 can read the G file and run the G file.
This manual introduces operation, connection and usage schedule of our professional
motion controller for engraving machine. Through a lot of the drawing the users can learn
quickly how to use this motion controller.

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Independent Controller Advantages

  • The U disk reads the G code file and runs independently without computer operation.  
  • 8-channel optocoupler isolation common digital input interface.  
  • 5-channel optocoupler isolation common digital output interface  
  • 1 way 0-10V spindle speed analog output interface (can be modified to PWM output)  
  • Supports up to 5 channels of stepper motor control, single axis control pulse 125KHz. 


A:USB control input:The NCD02 host passes this USB port and the handheld panel NCH02.
B.Main power input:24vDC 1A
C.Limit switch, origin and other input
D.General purpose output
E.MPG handwheel interface ( Usually not need to use, already have handwheel panel NCH02 )
F.Spindle control output:Speed control and Run/Stop control
G.Stepr motor connecting ports ( single axis control pulse 125KHz, good for stepper motor.Please don’t use it with servo motor)


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  1. Greatings you!
    You controller system lock very nice! I was buy this one for my machine. But I have qustion: I read you manual instruction but don’t understand how is PROBE working?
    I mean what a logic? How the machine know PROBE sensor lenght?

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