1, 3 channel limit signal / origin signal multiplexed optocoupler isolated common digital input interface;
2, the original road signal optocoupler isolated ordinary digital input interface;
3, 400W DC brushless drive, can be accessed by 400W DC brushless spindle motor, spindle start and stop and speed can be controlled by the spindle panel or controller;
4, 4-channel stepper motor drive, single channel up to 200KHz control pulse output;
5, stepper motor driver Sanyo 128 subdivision 4A dedicated driver chip, stable performance, the default configuration for the 32 subdivision;
5, while supporting USB link;
6, equipped with hand pulse interface, support the company’s digital hand pulse and digital manual control, support the standard hand pulse.
7, support panel keys single-axis manual jogging and linkage operation;
8, support the rapid designation of operating position operation;

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