USB to Parallel LPT Port Converter Adapter 6 Axis Controller

The NC200 USB-Parallel Converter is a device that allows you to connect a computer with a USB port to a CNC machine that uses a parallel port interface. It converts the USB signals from the computer into parallel signals that are compatible with the CNC machine.

The NC200 USB-Parallel Converter is specifically designed for use with the Mach3 motion control software, which is a popular software package for controlling CNC machines. The converter has a maximum pulse frequency of 200kHz, which means that it can send commands to the CNC machine at a rate of up to 200,000 times per second. This makes it suitable for use with high-speed CNC machines, such as CNC routers.

In order to use the NC200 USB-Parallel Converter, you will need to connect it to a computer with a USB port and to the CNC machine that you want to control. You will also need to install the Mach3 motion control software on the computer and configure it to communicate with the CNC machine through the NC200 converter.

It is important to carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installing and using the NC200 USB-Parallel Converter in order to ensure proper operation and safety.

NC200 supports Mach3 software and serial port MPG, through USB to communicate with the computer.
NC200 motion controller adopts the ARM design framework. The ARM design includes communication, code analytics, underlying algorithm, and pulse generation. Rational design, reliable control, and convenient operation.
The Manual introduces the operation, connection, and usage schedule of our professional
motion controller for the engraving machines. Through a lot of drawing, the users can learn
quickly how to use this motion controller. (Please contact us if you need complete instructions.)

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Products specification

Support USB;
5 ports input interface for ordinary digital data;
3 ports output interface for ordinary digital data;
1 port 0-10V spindle speed analog output interface(can change to PWM output);
can support 6-axis stepper systems,200KHz pulse output for every axis;
ARM motion control chip;
Compatible with MPG input, support the digital display MPG from our company.
Products Appearance and size
NC200 motion controller is with a plastic shell structure.
overall size is 56.8mm*54.1mm*22mm

Product connection define and method

The connection of the controller includes a USB connection interface, MPG interface, and LPT controller port.
1. USB Port
USB communication port, NC200 communicates with mach3 through it.
2. LPT Controller interface
It’s PIN1 to PIN13; in the second row, from right to left, it’s PIN14-PIN25.
PIN1-PIN9, PIN14, PIN16, and PIN17 are output PINs, which can be set as PWM, usual output, and stepper motor control port. and PIN10-PIN13 and PIN15 are input PINs, which can be set as a probe, limit, estop, and home
Stepper driver control interface define
NC200 can replace the computer’s LPT port and performs better than the computer’s LPT port. This port connects to the stepper driver board
3.MPG connection
As shown 2 of the location of the serial port MPG, the port type is RJ45, that is, the common standard network interface.
The serial pulse generator is the standard pulse generator, the axis of choice, such as the choice of power through the serial port and host interaction. 
 Serial port hand pin, pin label reference figure 2-4, from left to right in order PIN1-PIN8. Serial port hand pulse pin definition reference table 2-2. serial port manual pulse using method reference serial port manual pulse user manual