Nano 3Axis Control Board GRBL 32-Bit CNC Controller

The Nano 3Axis Control Board is an Arduino Nano-based 3-axis motion control system designed for applications such as laser engraving machines, drawer machines, and CNC engraving machines. It utilizes a GRBL 32-bit chip, providing higher computational speed and precision, making it a more intelligent and efficient choice in the field of computer numerical control (CNC) machining.

Key Features:

  1. Stability, Speed, and Accuracy: The Nano 3Axis Control Board incorporates the GRBL 32-bit chip, offering stable performance and faster data processing speed, ensuring accuracy and efficiency during machining operations. Its high-precision motion control guarantees consistent and high-quality results.
  2. Dual Y-Axis Control: This controller board supports dual Y-axis control, enabling all-around applications, including XYZ or XYY motion. The dual Y-axis control ensures smoother movement across the work surface, enhancing machining efficiency and quality.
  3. Stepper Motor Subdivision Setup: Users have the flexibility to adjust the subdivision settings for the stepper motor drivers with the Nano 3Axis Control Board. By fine-tuning the subdivision, users can achieve smoother and more delicate motion control to meet various machining requirements.
  4. Integrated A4988/8825 Drivers: The board features three integrated A4988 or 8825 stepper motor drivers, directly connecting to four-wire stepper motors. The integration of drivers simplifies the installation process and enhances the overall system reliability.
  5. Laser or Spindle Support: The Nano 3Axis Control Board is compatible with both laser modules and spindles. Users can choose the appropriate tool based on their specific machining needs, allowing for more versatile machining operations.
  6. Multiple Voltage and TTL Control: This controller board supports multiple voltage outputs, including 24V, 12V, and 5V, and it also offers TTL control. TTL modulation enables precise adjustment of laser power, facilitating finer and more efficient laser engraving.
  7. Adjustable Driver Subdivision: The product allows users to adjust the driver subdivision, offering the flexibility to choose the optimal subdivision setting for higher step rates and smoother motion control as required by different machining tasks.
  8. XYZ Limit Switch and Probe Interface: The Nano 3Axis Control Board supports XYZ axis limit switches for accurate homing during machining, avoiding mechanical collisions. Additionally, it includes a probe interface for automatic leveling and other probing tasks, enhancing machining efficiency and precision.
  9. Support for External Offline Controller (Optional): The board provides compatibility with an external offline controller, offering a more convenient operating method. Users can directly adjust and control the CNC machine on-site using the offline controller.
  10. Fan and Control Board Shell: To ensure stability and reliability, the Nano 3Axis Control Board includes a cooling fan for heat dissipation and a protective control board shell to prevent dust and foreign objects from interfering with normal operation.

Conclusion: The Nano 3Axis Control Board is a feature-rich and reliable GRBL 32-Bit CNC controller. Its high-precision motion control and support for dual Y-axis make it excel in applications like laser engraving and 3D printing. Additionally, features such as adjustable driver subdivision, multiple voltages,s, and TTL control, and support for an external offline controller offer users flexibility and efficiency, leading to precise and efficient machining results. The Nano 3Axis Control Board presents a more efficient, convenient, and intelligent solution in the field of computer numerical control, benefiting CNC machinery applications significantly.

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