MKX-IV XHC CNC Controller

3 Axis / 4 Axis MACH3 USB Motion Control Card

This is the latest generation cnc controller 4 axis, which is the fourth generation called MK3-IV. The cnc controller board’s maximum step-pulse frequency is 2MHz( The last generation MK3-III is 400KHz). Now MK4-IV is stronger, more stable, and has better performance.

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1. Support all versions of Mach3
2. Support system: Windows XP, 2000, Vista, 7. (not including Mac OS)
3. The USB jack does not need to install the driver, plug and play under all versions of Windows.
4. Full support USB hot-swappable, USB connection status monitoring at any time. Under Mach3 working state, the USB cable unplugs and then plugs in, but also the normal connection.
5. Supports 4-axis linkage.
6. Maximum step-pulse frequency is 2000 KHz and can connect servo driver and stepper driver.
7. The indicator light indicates various working statuses, such as USB connection, Mach3 connection, and so on.
8. 16 input IO.
9. Speed testing function, the spindle’s actual speed displays on the Mach3 interface in real-time.
10. Onboard isolated power supply, not needing an external power supply.
11. All IO ports are fully isolated, have strong anti-interference, stable performance
12. Support the XHC series of wireless electronic MPG, such as WHB04 MPG.
13. Support spindle speed PWM output; support spindle pulse and direction output; support spindle speed output from 0 to 10V analog voltage.

Signal Description

cnc controller mach3

Electrical Characteristics

cnc usb controller

Application Connection Diagram

cnc motion controller

Wiring Diagram Shows

cnc motion controller

Dimensions 3 Axis

3 axis cnc controller

Dimensions 4 Axis

4 axis cnc controller
cnc motion controller

cnc motion controller

English Manual

Mach3 config file 

copy Mach3Mill.xml to MACH3\directory

Usb card driver-v2.38.9

1.the NcUsbPod.dll is card driver file,please copy it to the mach3\plugins directory; 
2.the M930.m1s is probez surface file,please copy it to the mach3\micro\mach3mill directory; 
3.the mach3mill.xml is mach3 configure file ,please copy it to the mach3 directory
Release Notes for XHC MACH3 USB Motion Card
XHC NcUsbPod.dll is the Driver of XHC USB CARD for MACH3 cnc control system. 
You could control your cnc machine through my usb is compatible with 
mach3 usb ncpod device.
USB full speed Com Interface
4/6 Axis Step/Direction Output
8 General Purpose Outputs 
1 PWM Output for Spindle Speed Control
4/6 Home Inputs
16 General Purpose Inputs
Status LEDs
Up to 400k Steps/Second 
V2.38.9 2016.4.12
1.add spinde index pulse input check function
V2.38.8 2016.1.26
1. send zero move data to device when estop state.
V2.38.7 2015.12.12
1. add second home function
V2.38.6 2015.9.30
1. solve some program pause while in the running program
V2.38.5 2015.8.12
1.solve G03,g02 pause time long problem.
2. support maximum motor output pulse 2mhz
V2.38.4 2015.7.8
1. add probe variable 2000-2003,but it maybe still could not compatible with mach3 screen 2010.
if you want to probe with screen 2010,please replace the GetVar(2002) with getoemdro(802),
GetVar(2001) with getoemdro(801),GetVar(2000) with getoemdro(800).
V2.38.3 2015.6.4
1. add limit slow zero. 
V2.38.1 2015.4.16
1. improve the G54 G55 switch function. 
V2.38 2015.4.8
1. solve the G54 G55 switch problem. 
V2.36 2015.3.22
1.solve the delay gap in gcode g81
V2.35.9 2015.3.20
1.optimize the display line when over 65535 lines.
V2.35.8 2015.3.9
1.optimize USB transmission.
V2.35.7 2015.2.11
1.optimize the stop function.
V2.35.6 2015.1.26 G83,G73 code.
V2.35.5 2015.1.7 seperate seting home limitswitch.
V2.35.3 2014.11.13
1.disable jogging z when spindle on
V2.35.2 2014.10.16
1.complement x,y probe function.
V2.35.1 2014.9.26
1. limit the minimumm jog speed to 1/inch/mm/s.
2. auto reconnect usb when usb lost.
V2.35 2014.8.5
1. change the download data length
2. close outputio when close mach3
3. it is not compatile with old card from today
V2.34 2014.7.16
1.solve the software limit at the zero coordinate
2.add the opinion of softwarelimt disalbe when homing 
V2.33 2014.6.16
1. solve the problem :the spindle is on and off dithering when the spindle off.
2. when the motor speed less than 1k.we limit it to 1k.solve cannot jog on when low motor speed.
3. auto check device reset and prompt user.
V2.32 2014.5.12
1. solve pull up usb card ,possible make mach3 crash problem.
V2.31 2014.5.12
1.solve first proble z problem.
2.for compatible reason,don't download honmeswitch signal.
V2.30 2014.4.8
1. modify the display line number and device buffer when stop
2. solve some pause problem when circle.
V2.29 2014.3.5
1. modify the setline function.
2. support backlash compensation
3. compile with windows7 more stable
3. make the usb more stable
V2.28 2014.1.14
1. modify the probez function
V2.27 2014.1.9
1. solve the crash with xhc whb04 usb MPG.
V2.26 2013.10.11
1. to stop in time when homing,we send Io information to card 
2. solve some abnormal problem when reset. 
3. output io could be tested seperately.
V2.25 2013.9.24
1. to display spindle speed stable
2. add testoutput button for test output
V2.24 2013.8.29
1. auto run again after usb reset ok.
2. auto set motor maximum frequncy to device.
3. modify back machine home with second .
V2.22 2013.8.3
1. close spindle pwm output,when close mach3.
2. estop when limit switch on .
3. directly go to machine home when the axis is disable.
V1.12 2013.8.12 imit speed 1khz-400khz
V1.11 2013.7.22
support six axis moving