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CNC controller
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MKS DLC CNC Controller



Name MKS DLC version v1.0
Whole Size 90*60MM hole size 82*52mm
Voltage 12V DC open source Marlin
Firmware Marlin/grbl_v1.1e File Format G-Code
Axis 4(X,Y1,Y2,Z) N Endstop 3(X,Y,Z)
Cpu atmega328p
Serial and Driver USB
Machine Available cnc laser engraving,writing machine,DIY drawing,arm robot,servo Pen Plotter
Stepper Driver A4988,DRV8825,TMC2100,LV8729,TB6600,etc.
Stepper Motor Nema17,Nema23
Software Compatible Grbl Controller,Benbox,mDraw
Extended PIN YES

Packing list
1pcs * MKS DLC/ 1pcs * USB


How to use MKS DLC CNC Controller


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