16DI/16RO 16 Road digital isolation input 16 Road relay output module data acquisition control Board RS485 Modbus

This module is 16 road digital isolated input, 16 road relay isolated output module, through the isolated RS485 interface output. The module uses standard Modbus RTU communication, can be directly adapted to all kinds of host computer configuration software, PLC, DCS and so on. The module power supply, RS485 communication and electrical signals are isolated from each other, which effectively suppresses all kinds of series mode and common mode interference, and also ensures the stable and reliable operation of the module.
1、the use of RS485, MODBUS, RTU standard communication, with the host computer configuration software, PLC, industrial touch screen, networking, with communication status indicator
2、signal control, power supply, RS485 communication, electrical signals are isolated from each other.
3、communication circuit adopts lightning protection, anti-interference design, power polarity protection.
4、RS485 communication signal output interface adopts over-voltage and overcurrent double protection.
5、it can be widely used for signal acquisition and control in industrial field equipment. 6、the communication format can be set up by software.

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Signal input / output

1、input channel: 16 digital input
2、output channel: 16 way relay output
3、load capacity: resistive load 5A/ channel

Communication output

1、protocol: MODBUS-RTU
2、interface type: isolated RS485 communication, output interface adopts over-voltage, over-current, double protection
3、baud rate: 4800bps, 9600bps, 19200bps, 38400bps, 57600bps
4、parity bit: no parity check, even parity check, odd checksum
5、settings: module address, baud rate, parity bits can be set by software
6、communication distance: 9600bps 1200 meters

Module size and installation method

1、installation method: Standard DIN rail installation or screw installation
2、size: 125 * 90 * 43mm

Work environment

Temperature: -10 ~ +60 centigrade, humidity: 35 ~ 85% (without condensation)

Work power

1、supply voltage: 10V ~ 28V wide range of power supply, with power polarity protection
2、power consumption: less than 5W