MACH3 5 Axis Breakout board

STB5100 5-axis mach3 CNC USB controller card, suitable for all versions of mach3 software, support for all versions of Windows operating system, easy to use, very suitable for the users that use mach3 software to make engraving machine.

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1. Support for Windows XP, Windows 7 32/64bit, Windows8, and Windows10 operating systems;

2. Applicable to all versions of mach3 software;

3. Support for CNC-controlled 5-Axis, which can connect five stepper motor drivers or servo drivers;

4. The maximum output pulse frequency is 100KHz, and the pulse width can automatically change with the pulse frequency, which can apply to the closed-loop driver of strict requirements on the pulse;

5. Five optocoupler isolation input signal interfaces: limit switch, emergency stop switch, auto tool zero sensor, home switch, and NPN sensor switch can be connected;

6. Inverter control signal interface (optocoupler isolation): Output 0-10V speed control signal, PWM speed control signal, spindle start control signal, used for mach3 software to control spindle\\\’s speed, start and stop;

7. Four universal output signal interfaces, the maximum output of 500MA current, can drive relays, solenoid valves, used to control mist, pumps, cylinders, and other equipment;

8. Support for external connect electronic hand wheel, use HDR15 interface to connect electronic hand wheel, used for manual control of machine tools;

9. Add the enable signal interface, which can be used to control the driver enable signal;

10. The power of the control card: voltage 12-24VDC, currently more than 500MA.

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