M350 CNC Controller

The Offline CNC Controller M350 is a device that is used to control the operation of a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine, such as a drilling or milling machine. It is an offline controller, which means that it can operate independently without the need for a separate computer or other devices to provide input or receive output. The M350 controller is capable of controlling 3, 4, or 5 axes of motion and can execute G-Code programs at a maximum speed of 1 MHz. It is commonly used in manufacturing, machining, and other industries that use CNC equipment and is an important component of a CNC machine, helping to ensure precise and accurate control of the machine’s movements.

offer Offline CNC Controller M350 3/4/5 Axis 1MHz G-Code for CNC Drilling Milling

This CNC controller system M3xx / M6xx is a professional 3-5 axis motion controller based on an embedded platform, with a 10.2-inch full-color screen, Full keyboard input, customizable function keys, make user operation more convenient, support multi-process, straight tool magazine, disc tool magazine functions The interface and structure adopt the mainstream method in the market, with simple operation, easy to learn and understand, and convenient installation. The system adopts advanced adaptive speed Prospective control algorithm has the characteristics of high processing efficiency and good surface quality. Meet the needs of various engraving machines, engraving and milling machines, and cutting machines.

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1. Operation mode: Mainstream engraving machine system operation;
2. Display size: 7 / 10.2 inches;
3. Display resolution: 1024 * 600;
4. M6xx standard IO 20/21, M3xx standard IO 24/21; Analog voltage output: 0-10V; PWM output: M3xxz only
5. Tool magazine type: multi-process, straight row, disc;
6. Tool setting mode: supports automatic and manual tool setting; Tool setting type: fixed tool setting, floating tool setting, first tool setting / second tool setting; Compensation methods: direction gap compensation, radius compensation, length compensation;
7. Interpolation algorithm: S type, arc hard algorithm, arc soft algorithm;
8. Language: support Chinese and English;
9. CNC software alarm: program error, operation error, overtravel error, servo drive alarm, etc. network: support file sharing and remote file online processing;
10. Open collector output, maximum output current 500mA, can directly drive the relay;
11. The pulse direction adopts differential output, the maximum interpolation pulse output frequency is 1MHZ; Spindle control mode: multi-step speed (4 steps and 16 speeds), analog (0-10v), servo spindle;
12. Compatible with standard G codes. Support mainstream CAD / CAM software, such as ArtCam, MasterCam, ProE, etc. Users can interact with external files through U disk and work offline;
13. Multi-stage pretreatment, adaptive speed forward control of the processing trajectory, fast processing speed, high precision, and good processing continuity;
14. Continuous high-speed processing of small line segments, automatically selecting the most efficient algorithm among a variety of small line segment control algorithms;
15. Support ultra-large capacity file processing;
16. With breakpoint memory, power-off automatic protection function, near-point processing function, and designated line processing; Support time lock function;
17. Supports four kinds of operation permissions (guest, operator, administrator, super administrator); With automatic homing, homing, workpiece origin saving and loading;

Appearance, Structure, and Size of Product

The M350 is a small box that can fit in a window of a small control box or control cabinet. Four locking hooks fix this controller from the frame. The dimension you find in Figure 1-1 and Figure 1-2. The front panel is 268mm*172.5mm*5.2mm; The main body is 268mm*172.5mm*70mm; To mount the unit in an equipment cabinet, cut the hole 258.4mm*109mm

Explanation of Abbreviations

When operating the DDCS, the users will come across some English abbreviations. Here a
FRO: Feed Rate Override
SRO: Spindle Rate Override
SJR: Jog Speed Setting
F: Feed rate, unit is mm/min
S: Spindle Speed, unit rev/min.
X: The coordinate code of the X axis.
Y: The coordinate code of the Y axis.
Z: The coordinate code of the Z axis.
A: The coordinate code of the A axis
B: The coordinate code of the B axis
BUSY: The system is busy. You still can adjust FRO and SRO
READY: In READY mode, any operation can be done
RESET: Reset mode, the controller is in “OFF” mode, and no operation can be performed
CONT: Continuous mode, each axis can be manually jogged with the arrow keys
Step: Manual Step Mode, each axis can be jogged in defined steps
MPG: MPG mode. Operate the machine with the MPG (Manual Pulse Generator)
BUSY: Run G code. Auto is showing when the file is processing

The interface manual operation will execute the probe.NC file

The O502 subroutine is in the slib-g.NC file and the input port is automatically detected multiple times through the G31 command.

System self-test