How To Drill Through Tile

Tile punching in the home will often need things such as installing a towel hook, soap rack, coat rack, and so on. But this thing looks easy to do is difficult, if you do not know common sense is easy to crack the tiles, once the tiles cracked, the tiles are equivalent to abandoned. Today I help you to popularize the common sense of punching, so as not to break the tiles.

Tile drilling with what drill bit

In the tile perforation we need to use some of the necessary tools, impact hammer is a must to use, hammer and kind of punch (also known as round burin), the general family if not can use a larger steel nail (also known as cement nails) instead, markers and measuring tape is also necessary, which can largely ensure the degree of tile perforation, tile perforation can also use a professional speed hammer so that in the process of operation Will be more convenient, the degree will also be something to enhance the speed hammer for tile perforation, the beginning of the tile surface using low speed, to be tiled after drilling to improve the speed, so as to ensure the integrity of the tile does not break.

Steps of tile punching

  • First to determine the location of the plumbing lines, do not hit the top. Then use a pencil to mark the place of drilling, and tape.
  • Then use the sample punch or steel nails in the marked location, and drill a small hole. This hole is to facilitate the fixing of the drill bit later, otherwise, the drill bit in the tile easily slips.
  • Then you can install the impact hammer on the impact drill, align it with the small hole drilled before, and pay attention to the tile vertical. And at the beginning, the strength is not too big, wait until after the complete penetration of the tile, you can force a little, play a little deeper.

Note that although the above approach can reduce the risk of breaking the tiles, but can not guarantee complete avoidance, after all, the tiles are still too brittle. Here are three more tips.

  • Try to punch holes where the tiles meet.
  • Don’t punch holes in the tile bulge, a hit a crack, that’s for sure.
  • If it is the kind of high water absorption of wall tiles, you can spray some water in the process of drilling, which can stabilize the internal nature of the tile and reduce the risk of cracking.

How to prevent tiles from cracking?

Choose the location where the tiles meet when the tiles are perforated so that the tiles will effectively avoid cracking. If the operation is improper, when punching holes for tiles, tile cracking will inevitably occur.

The tile itself has the phenomenon of thermal expansion and contraction, so when punching holes for tiles, while spraying water, this will prevent tiles from cracking.

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