Leadshine hybrid servo drive HBS86H

1. Closed-loop, eliminates loss of synchronization
2. Broader operating range – higher torque and higher speed
3. Reduced motor heating and more efficient 
4. Smooth motion and super-low motor noise
5. Do not need a high torque margin 
6. No Tuning and always stable 
7. Fast response, no delay and almost no settle time 
8. High torque at starting and low speed, high stiffness at standstill 
9. Lower cost

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HBS86H uses dedicated motor control DSP chip nd pplication vector closed-loop control technology to overcome the problem of open-loop stepper motor lost, the impulse response frequency can reach 200 KHZ; input power C C: 16-70VAC, DC24-100vdc 

HBS86h Wiring

hbs86h wiring diagram

HSB Software

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