Hakko V606em20

The Hakko V606EM20 5.7” Display Touch Panel is a type of display screen that is equipped with a touch-sensitive surface, allowing users to interact with it by touching the screen with their fingers or a stylus. It has a display size of 5.7 inches and is manufactured by Fuji Electric Monitouch, a company that specializes in the development and production of touchscreen technology.

Touch screens are widely used in a variety of applications, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other electronic devices. They allow users to input data, control functions and navigate menus by simply touching the screen rather than using buttons or other input devices.

The Hakko V606EM20 5.7” Display Touch Panel could be used in a variety of applications that require a user-friendly interface and the ability to input data directly on the screen. It is likely used in industries such as manufacturing, transportation, and healthcare, as well as in consumer electronics.

Fuji monitouch V606eM20 software V-SFT V6

This product has been replaced with:
TS2060 with Cable(MJ2-PLC ) | Hakko Monitouch | HMI TECHNOSHOT TS2000 Series

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