GRBL 1.1 USB Engraving Machine Control Board

Specification of offline controller

Press Z+ and Z-, and the Z axis will move up and down. Press X+ and X-, and the X-axis will move left and right. Press Y+ and Y-, and the Y axis will move Front and Back. Press SPIN: Spindle on (Laser on), Spindle off (laser off)Press SMOD: return press Z+ for 5 seconds, and change the Language to English.SD card: Included, you need an SD card reader to write into the root directory G-code files.

What is the difference between grbl and mach3

Mach3 is a numerical control software developed by ArtSoft of the United States with Windows as the platform. The system version must be WIN XP or WIN2000. The Mach3 software uses the LPT of the PC computer, or the USB port as the input and output of the CNC equipment, and outputs pulse and direction signals. A control stepper motor or servo motor driver. So as to realize the control of CNC machine tools. This software supports all international standard G codes. It can control up to 6 axes. It can link 5-axis with a linear interpolation function. It can realize high-precision machining of complex parts and the highest control accuracy. It is 0.0001MM. When complex functions are required, MODBUS devices can be used to control the control of tool magazines, fixtures, and chip-conveying mechanisms. A simple system can be realized with one parallel port. Two complex ports are sufficient. The peripheral switch points can be VB To edit sequential input and output.
And Grbl is an embedded G code compilation and a motion controller for Arduino/AVR328 chip. Grbl is high-performance, low-cost, based on parallel port motion control, and used for CNC engraving. It can run on Vanilla Arduino (Duemillanove/Uno) as long as it is equipped with an Atmega 328 chip. The controller is written and optimized by C and uses every smart feature of the AVR chip to achieve precise timing and asynchronous control. It can maintain stable and unbiased control pulses over 30kHz. It accepts standard G codes and has passed the output tests of several CAM tools. The movement of arcs, circles, and spirals can be perfectly supported like some other basic G code commands. Functions and variables are not currently supported but will be included in future releases as a preprocessor. Grbl includes complete forward-looking acceleration control. It means that the controller will plan the running speed 16 to 20 motions in advance to achieve smooth acceleration and impact-free turns.

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