FlyMotion Mach3 4/6 Axis CNC Controller

FlyMotion Vs old ZKMotion

  1. Power inlet plus common mode inductor filter circuit to enhance EMI anti-interference capability.
  2. The output is reduced from the original 8-way isolation to 6-way full isolation (mainly to keep the shell unchanged, the output port application is not so much).
  3. The controller spindle speed control interface supports both voltage output mode and PWM mode.
  4. Inverter control interface separately do isolation, can greatly solve the problem of inverter EMI interference.

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FlyMotion controller card features.

  • Support all versions of Mach3, including the current latest version.
  • Support all Windows versions, including Win8/Win10, regardless of OS bit.
  • USB without driver, all Windows versions plug and play, support hot plug.
  • USB bus adopts high-grade chip magnetic coupler isolation, which is really valuable isolation, different from the general control card’s optical coupler isolation input and output, to achieve ultra-high reliability, can ensure the absolute safety of the computer USB. Also ensure strong EMC anti-interference ability.
  • Single chip, the system is more streamlined, countless times more stable than the general multi-chip processing method.
  • Dual-core ultra-high-speed CPU (single-core maximum main frequency of 204MHz), computing and processing power has great redundancy. The pulse output frequency of 1000KHz per axis in 3-axis linkage, 750KHz per axis in 4-axis linkage and up to 500KHz in 6-axis linkage can be connected to servo/stepper motors.
  • Motion control buffer size can be set to ensure stable operation even in the fastest interpolation cycle, and smooth operation even when the computer is overloaded.
  • 16-way isolated inputs, simpler input interface, dry/wet contact ports are available, easier wiring, dry contact method just connect a physical switch to the external ground. All 16 input ports have signal indication, the indicator light is on when the low level, easy to debug.
  • Up to 24 output ports (with 6 channels, RS485 can be extended by 16 channels), 32 input ports (with 16 channels, RS485 can be extended by 16 channels).
  • PWM speed control output port (isolated), PWM frequency can be set, duty cycle 0 to 1000 continuously adjustable.
  • With speed measurement function, the actual spindle speed is displayed in Mach3 interface in real time, with accurate and stable measurement.
  • With 256 bytes NVRAM space, it can save the coordinate value and machining line number of 6 axes, no need to find zero point next time power on.
  • All motion axes output is differential signal, can be connected to servo high speed signal input port.
  • Slave axes can be set, supporting dual X, dual Y and dual Z axes. Soft limit bottom processing, make the system more safe.
  • Easy software upgrade, with first aid brush button, firmware at will, USB brush is convenient, no need to worry about brush brush error problem, how to brush can be updated via USB.
  • RS485 isolated bus, can be externally expanded input and output or connected to servo reading position, connected to the scale, etc. (need custom development).
  • All-round isolation, all inputs and outputs are isolated from the motion control core, pulse isolation using high-speed 10M optocoupler isolation. Support single / double pulse mode.

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