FangLing F1621

An FLCNC torch height controller (THC) is a device that is used to control the height of the cutting torch on a plasma cutting machine. The Fangling F1621 THC is an automatic THC that is designed to adjust the torch height in real time based on the arc voltage of the plasma cutting process. It is capable of operating in English and can be used with a variety of plasma-cutting machines.

The Fangling F1621 THC is designed to improve the accuracy and consistency of plasma cutting by maintaining a consistent distance between the cutting torch and the material being cut. It can help to reduce the amount of dross (residual material) produced during the cutting process, which can improve the quality of the finished product.

Using a THC like the Fangling F1621 can be beneficial for those who need to produce precise and high-quality cuts with their plasma cutting machine. It is important to carefully follow the instructions provided with the THC and to seek guidance from experienced plasma-cutting professionals if you encounter any difficulties.

Torch Height Controller THC Fangling F1621 Automatic Arc And Cap Voltage For Plasma Cutting Machine Cutter

  1. This flame/plasma cutting machine Z-axis torch lifter is driven by a DC gear motor to lift the torch up & down
  2. The most important part of the device, which is to keep the machine’s cutting accuracy and to support the plasma arc positioning function, is equipped with NPN proximity switches
  3. This lifter’s mechanical movement part is made of Taiwan TBI ball screw, standard linear shaft(SFC) & linear slider on the ends; the torch clamper/holder is made of bearing steel, and fastened by linear sliders, which is to ensure the lifter movement’s stability & verticality
  4. Convenient to install, work simply, improving the work efficiency
F1621 arc voltage height adjuster Fangling CNC system CNC plasma height adjuster

A torch height controller developed by a portable CNC plasma cutting machine. It uses industrial-grade ARM as the hardware core, which is stable and reliable and has high control precision.

F1621 VS F1620

The installation size and interface of F1620 and F1621 are exactly the same. The latest F1621 is added with a dynamic perforation function.

F1621 series digital plasma arc voltage height controller is a series of products developed by our company, which are easy to operate, stable in performance, complete in function, and high in cost performance, based on the on-site usage of plasma power supply and absorbing the advantages of many arc voltage height controllers at home and abroad. This series of equipment uses the basic constant current characteristic of the plasma power supply to detect the change of plasma torch height by detecting the change of plasma arc voltage, so as to control the height between the torch and the workpiece in real-time. It is suitable for height control of plasma power cutting torches with constant current characteristics or constant current characteristics within a certain voltage range. It is especially suitable for cutting torch height control of various cutting machines. This series of equipment is light and portable, easy to operate and use. All keys and knobs are designed with humanity, comfortable, and convenient