The Fangling F2100B Plasma Cutting CNC Motion Controller is a device that allows you to control the movement of a CNC machine, specifically a plasma cutting machine. It is designed to support G code and FastCAM, which are commonly used programming languages for CNC machines.

The F2100B controller receives commands from the software and sends them to the CNC machine, which then moves its various axes (X, Y, Z) to execute the programmed motions. It is a standalone controller, which means it can operate independently of a computer and can be used to control the CNC machine offline.

Using a CNC motion controller like the F2100B can help increase the accuracy and efficiency of a CNC machine, particularly when working with materials such as metal that require precise cutting. It can be particularly useful for those working in industries such as manufacturing, engineering, or prototyping, where precise and complex movements are required.

In order to use the F2100B controller, you will need to connect it to your CNC machine and install the necessary software (such as FastCAM) on your computer. You will also need to create or edit CNC programs using the software, and then load them onto the controller to be executed by the CNC machine.

2-axis CNC system CNC flame cutting machine system plasma numerical control system F2100B

2-axis CNC Plasma Cutting controller system, It can be used in CNC flame cutting machine equipment and CNC plasma cutting machine equipment, CNC flame plasma dual-purpose cutting machine equipment.

The CNC Controller can be used in CNC flame cutting machine equipment and CNC plasma cutting machine equipment, CNC flame plasma dual-purpose cutting machine equipment.


F2100B CNC Controller is the numerical control system is the advantage of the company to absorb many CNC systems at home and abroad, combined with the public Division F2100, F2300, F2500 and F2600, F3100, F5100 series CNC system, developed A product that is more user-friendly, easier to operate, and more cost-effective.

Self-diagnosing system IO status and button status
Support system backup and system restore
Support 4 modes of oxygen gas, plasma, dusting, and demonstration
With power-off, breakpoint protection memory function

The product uses a 2-axis digitization Position control method for the oxygen gas, plasma, and laser cutting industry. Suitable for all position control Two-axis CNC machine tools. The control system is light and portable, easy to operate, and easy to use, and all menus have menu or graphic prompts. Fooling operation. All button switches are user-friendly and comfortable. The F2100B controller uses a high-performance ARM chip and a very large-scale programmable device FPGA to run more The task real-time operating system uses a combination of software interpolation and hardware interpolation to make the high-speed operation more It is stable, reliable, and reflects quickly. Based on the research of CNC systems for Fangling CNC for many years, Machine control is more stable and the protection mechanism is quite perfect.


Item Type: Plasma Cutting Machine Control System
Number of Control Axes: 2-axes linkage
Control Accuracy: ±0.001mm
Coordinate Range: ± 99999.99mm
Maximum Pulse Frequency: 200KHz; maximum operating speed: 15 meters/minute
Maximum Number of Program Lines: 150,000 lines
Maximum Single Program: 4M
Time Class Resolution: 10ms
System Working Power: DC +24V DC power input, power is greater than 80W.
System Working Environment: Temperature -10 ° C to +60 ° C; relative humidity 0-95% without condensation
Drive Arc Voltage Increase Motor Maximum Power: 45W (Note: only with T system)

System Interface

15-core male two-axis motor drive interface
16-core female 16-channel optoisolated output, maximum sink current 300mA
25-core male 16-channel optoisolated input, maximum input current 300mA
The front panel has a built-in USB interface for the user to transfer the cutting code
Extended IO input and output port; PWM input port; analog input port 
The following interfaces, the F2000 series CNC system with “T” are available:
f) Arc voltage input divider ratio selection can be selected at 1:50 or 1:100
5-core arc voltage boost motor output and limit input
7-core arc voltage and positioning input, arcing signal output port

Environmental Requirements

The numerical control system is suitable for working at an ambient temperature of 0 ° C to 50 ° C, and relative humidity of 5-95% without condensation.
The working voltage is DC +24V.
This controller should be installed in a console enclosure with protective dust.
This system is best used in places away from high-voltage high-frequency and high radiation.

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