Kinco eView HMI

Kinco eView HMI is a human-machine interface (HMI) product produced by Kinco Automation, a Chinese company that specializes in industrial automation and control systems. An HMI is a device or software that allows a user to interact with a machine or process in a graphical user interface (GUI) format. It typically consists of a display screen and input controls, such as buttons or touch screens, that allow the user to enter commands and view process data.

The Kinco eView HMI is a compact, low-cost HMI that is designed for use in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. It features a color display screen and a variety of input and output options, including serial communication, Ethernet, and USB. The Kinco eView HMI supports multiple programming languages and can be used with a variety of industrial protocols, such as Modbus, Profibus, and CANbus.

In order to use the Kinco eView HMI, you will need to connect it to the machine or process that you want to control and to a power source. You will then need to configure the HMI using the manufacturer’s software and programming tools. This may involve setting up communication links with other devices, configuring input and output channels, and creating a graphical user interface for the HMI display screen.

It is important to carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installing and using the Kinco eView HMI in order to ensure proper operation and safety.

Software KincoHMIware v2.5 for ET050/ET070/ET100

Kinco HMI firmware update

1. Power on, and the English menu will appear to select the second option (firmware update). (If there is a dial code on the back, set the dialing code to ON-OFF). 
2. Open the step configuration software, connect the touch screen to the computer with a download line, and select software tools/system processing. 
3. After clicking “System Processing”. 
4. Choose to update the file system. System Processing Tool Update Kernel Update File System 
5. Choose Update Kernel…”