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eView HMI

Kinco HMIWare v2.5

for ET series



Kinco HMI

Kinco HMIware_v2.5

for MT series

MT4220TE MT4210T MT4230T MT4300CE MT4300C MT4310C MT4414TE-CAN MT4414TE MT4414T MT4434TE MT4434T MT4424TE MT4404T MT4403T MT4403TE

Kinco hmi firmware update

1. Power on, and the English menu will appear to select the second option (firmware update). (If there is a dial code on the back, set the dial code to ON OFF).
2. Open the step configuration software, connect the touch screen to the computer with a download line, and select software tools/system processing.
3. After clicking "System Processing".
4. Choose to update the file system. System Processing Tool Update Kernel Update File System
5. Choose Update Kernel..."

upgrade video
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