EC300 Motion Controller

The EC300 Motion Controller is a device that allows a computer to communicate with and control various types of motion control devices, such as stepper motors and servo motors. It has an Ethernet port for communication with the computer and can support up to 6 axes of motion control. The controller has a maximum frequency of 300 kHz and operates at a voltage of 24V DC. It is compatible with the Mach3 software, which is commonly used for motion control applications, and it also supports the use of standard MPG (manual pulse generator) devices. The controller can be used with a variety of stepper and servo drivers, allowing it to control a wide range of motion control devices. It is typically used in applications such as CNC machine tools, robotics, and automated manufacturing systems.

mach3 ethernet motion controller

The EC300 is a high-performance external CNC ethernet breakout board for Mach 3 software, supporting standard MPG and Digital Dream MPG. The ethernet CNC controller can communicate with a connection to a control computer’s network. The network connection can be built directly or via router/Switch devices.


Motion control 3-6 Axis(X, Y, Z, A, B, C) for option, Max frequency output 300 KHz/Axis;
Ethernet Connection with Mach 3 Software;
Main power supply 24VDC, Current should higher than 1A;
IO Power is 24VDC power supply input, the current should be higher than 1A(The controller already supplies the power for the IO port, no need for the external power supply anymore);
12 optoisolated digital input ports, 10 optoisolated digital output ports;
1 analog output port of 0-10V adjustable speed for spindle (can change to PWM output port);
ARM motion control chip, Two Relay outputs;
It is Compatible with Standard MPG and also Digital Dream MPG

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