DM800 Ethernet CNC Control System Offline Controller

DM800 CNC Controller System is our latest product. It is more advanced than the DM500 and is more powerful. You don’t need to use a computer, DM800 could work offline.
The DM800 is a motion controller without a computer.
Ethernet communication from the handle to the motherboard, without computer operation. 
Read G from -DISK; ARM motion control chip.
1 port 0-10V spindle analog output interface (can be changed to PWM output).


Support U disk to read G command; Built-in 16GB storage and Comes with a 4GB U-disk flash;
Can support 5-axis stepper systems, 460KHz pulse output for every axis;
Integrated MPG and E-stop buttons;
20-way optocoupler isolation universal IO input; 12-way optocoupler isolation universal IO output;
24VDC power supply input, the current should be higher than 1A;

How to Establish a coordinate machine system?

The engraving machine schematic diagram is installed. Each axis is equipped with a proximity switch. The limit and home share this switch. The X-axis switch is installed in the X– position. The Y-axis switch is installed in the Y++ place; the Z-axis switch is installed in the Z++ position. (here we test the prototype as a reference for installation, the actual application of the customer can be selected according to the needs of the installation).

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DM800 Manual