DM500 Handheld CNC Motion System

The Digital Dream DM500 is a handheld CNC (computer numerical control) motion controller that can control up to 3 or 4 axes of motion. It supports G code, a standard numerical control (NC) programming language used to control CNC machines, and can be used with CAD/CAM software to create and run CNC programs. The controller has a pendant controller and a USB flash disk for storing and transferring programs and data. It operates at a frequency of 500KHz and is designed to be used with CNC machines such as lathes, mills, and 3D printers.


DM500 CNC controller is a very professional 3 or 4 Axis CNC Motion Controller based on n Linux system.DM500 operates as a standalone system without the computer, and with a pendant, it makes users very convenient to use the machines.
Our controller adopts Embedded Operating System, by which the controller will never get virus-infected. And the controller adopted ts look-ahead algorithm by which the controller can read more ahead 30-lines G-code than the operating.
All the features guarantee high precision, accuracy, and reliability. And the size is very small l, the operation is effortless, suitable for all sizes of Engraving machines, Milling machines and cutting machines and so on.


2-4 Axis linear interpolation, any 2-axis circular interpolation;
7 optoisolated digital outputs, 8 optoisolated digital inputs;
Support every Input and output port definition by users;
The controller needs 2 power supplies, one power supply is for system power; one is for input and output port power. Both input power is 24V, 2A;<
Open-collector output, Max. The output current is 500mA, which can power the relay directly;
Differential Pulse and direction output signal, Max. 500 kHz per axis;
Spindle Control: 3 I/O ports control 8 different speeds (3 lines 8 speeds),1 I/O control the Start/Stop;
Support standard G-code. Also Support the popular CAD/CAM software, such as ArtCam, MasterCam, ProE, and so on;
USB flash disk supports G code file input;
The control system can preview the process path before machining, and it makes the system more steady, working smoothly and precise;
Acceleration/Deceleration Mode: S curve;
Support unlimited size files for machining;
Manual/Automatic machining function;
Support the operation to start a G code from a specific line;
Support for “Power Cut” ± recovery. Data is automatically saved;
Support time-lock function;
Support 4 kinds of operation rights: visitor, operator, admin, and super admin.

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Install for DM500 (20200218)

Ver:2020-02-18(94) 1: Add Russian Language setting; 2: 3 and 4 Axis shared one install software; 3: First Russian language Version published.