DIY0 3D Touch Probe For CNC Machine

The CNC touch probe is a measuring device equipped on CNC machine tools and can be installed on most CNC machine tools such as CNC lathes, machining centers and CNC grinding machines.

What is 3D Touch Probe

3D Touch Probe can electronically record non-flat surfaces and accurately sense 3D objects. In this way, objects can be reproduced in a clear and simple way and decorated with arched surfaces, for example with text. In addition, the sensitivity of the sensor can be set individually.

Why choose 3D touch probe of DIY0

The DIY0 anti-roll 3D Touch Probe edge finder tool can be connected to the CNC toolholder for fast alignment, edge finding, centering and profiling, which greatly solves the trouble of positioning the workpiece during secondary clamping during machining.

The 3D Touch Probe case is made of fine brushed black aluminum oxide with flat anti-tilt design. And it is compatible with various control panels such as grbl control panel, Mach3, etc.

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How to Connect DIY0 3D touch probe with Mach3 software

Before you can use the DIY0 CMM probe, you need to do two things.

  • Find the CNC control board signal input port and connect the probe.
  • Configure Ports and Pins and trigger level configuration inside Mach3.


Configure mach3

Enter the configuration interface in order, Port is 3, Pin Number is 4. Then Enabled tick to turn on, if your probe is normally open, Active Low is not active, if your probe is normally closed, Active Low is active. (Our default probe is NPN-NO normally open, so it remains the same here)

Finally, check in the Diagnostics interface to see if our configured probe has taken effect.

If you toggle the probe, the Digitize box in the software interface will light up green when the probe lights up red, indicating a normal connection.The probe is ready for use

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