DDCSV2.1 Offline CNC Controller

The DDCSV2.1 Offline Motion Controller System is a digital control system designed for use with CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machine tools, such as CNC routers and milling machines. It is capable of controlling motion along three or four axes, and it has a maximum frequency of 500kHz. The DDCSV2.1 Offline Motion Controller System is equipped with a USB interface, which allows it to be connected to a computer or other device for programming and control.

The DDCSV2.1 Offline Motion Controller System is responsible for reading and interpreting G code programs, which contain instructions for the machine tool to follow in order to produce a specific part or shape. It is also responsible for controlling the motion of the machine’s cutting tools and other components, as well as monitoring and controlling various parameters of the machining process. The DDCSV2.1 Offline Motion Controller System is suitable for use with a wide range of CNC machine tools, including routers and milling machines, and is often used in applications such as engraving and milling.

DDCSV2.1 offline cnc controller

The DigitalDream CNC has engaged in the numerical control industry for 7 years, specializing in the research, development, and production work of various CNC(Computer Numerical Control)systems with high quality, and high reliability. It can produce the common Brushless DC motor, Stepper motor driver as well as the 1-axis CNC system to 6-axis CNC system.

The DDCSV2.1 is the 4-axis and 4 axes motion controller which has been researched and developed by Faster CNC for four years. The control period of each position is only 4 milliseconds, with high control precision. The highest uniaxial output pulse is 500KHz and the pulse width can be adjusted. It supports the common stepper motor and servo motor. 

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The DDCSV2.1 numerical control system adopts the ARM+FPGA design framework. The ARM can finish the part of the human-computer interface and code analysis and the FPGA can finish the part of the underlying algorithm and control pulse generation, with a reasonable design, reliable control, and easy operation.

The panel layout structure of DDCSV2.1 is rational. The common off-line operation can be finished only by 17 keys and it supports the FANUC with high universality to be compatible with the G code set. This specification introduces the operation method of the caving machine’s special off-line CNC system, DDCSV2.1, and the machine tool connection as well as operation specification. With lots of graphical representation and examples, the users can quickly learn to use the DDCSV2.1 CNC system.

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