DDCSV1.1 Offline CNC Controller

DDCSV1 is the 4 axis linkage motion controller which is developed through 4 years of research and development; each position control cycle 4 ms, high control precision. The highest single output pulse is 500KHz, and the pulse width is adjustable. Support common stepper motor and servo motor.
DDCSV1 CNC system uses ARM+FPGA design framework, ARM to complete the man-machine interface and code analysis, FPGA complete the underlying algorithm and control pulse generation part. Reasonable design, reliable control, convenient operation.
DDCSV1 panel layout is reasonable, the 17 key to complete common offline operation, support for the general purpose of FANUC G compatible.
This manual introduces the operation method of the DDCSV1, the machine tool and the operation procedure of the machine tool. Through a large number of illustrations and examples of the use of the DDCSV1 can learn to use the faster the CNC system.

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Performance parameter

Ordinary digital input interface of 16-circuitoptocoupler coupling isolation
Ordinary digital input interface of 3-circuit optocoupler coupling isolation
Output interface of 0-10V spindle control port with analog quantity(can be modified as PWM output);
Support the 4 axis stepper motor control, the highest control pulse output of single axis is 500KHz;
ARM9 main control chip;
FPGA core algorithm chip;
4.3 inches TFT screen, resolution ratio: 480*272;
17 operational keys;
The main control equipment is 18V-32V power input, the current capacity isrequired not to be lower than 0.5A;
Support the USB flash disk to read the G code,and the size of G codefile has no requirement;
Be equipped with MPG port and support digital display MPG as well as support the general MPG in the market.
Support the panel key with single-axis manual operation, manual step and CONToperation;
Support the operation of quickly specify the running position;
Support the multi coordinate systems (with automatically saving function in case of power cut);
Support the function of saving data automatically after power down (press the start to automatically save the data in the operation, automatically save the data after power down)

Outward Appearance, Structure and Size

The DDCSV1.1 adopts the embedded shell structure, which can punch a square hole on the equipment cabinet and then embed this equipment in the squire hole.
Use two locking mechanism from the inside can fix this equipment on the equipment cabinet, with easy installation. The dimension figure of the product’s outward appearance are as picture 1-1 and picture 1-2.
The panel size of the product is 163mm*102mm*5mm;
The size of main body is 156mm*93mm*45mm;
The size of square hole installed on the equipment cabinet is 156mm*93m

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Package included:

1 x 4 axis motion controller
1 x USB Flash Drive
1 x USB Extension Cable