DDCS-EXPERT CNC Offline Controller

The DDCS Expert Standalone Motion Controller is a device that is used to control the movement of machine tools such as CNC (Computer Numerical Control) lathes, milling machines, and other equipment. It is a standalone controller, which means that it can operate independently without the need for a separate computer or other devices to provide input or receive output. The DDCS Expert Motion Controller supports 3, 4, or 5 axes of motion and can be connected to the machine via USB. It is designed to work with a variety of software programs, including CNC machine control software, and is capable of executing a wide range of motion control tasks. The DDCS Expert Motion Controller is commonly used in manufacturing, robotics, and other industries that require precise and precise control of machine movement.

Updated 3/4/5 Axis Cnc Offline Controller Ddcs-expert Supports Tool Magazine/atc Stepping Drive Instead Of Ddcsv3.1


The DDCS Expert is a 3~5 axis CNC motion controller for open or close stepper and servo systems with a 7/10.2 full-color display screen. The highest output pulse per axis is 1MHz. The users can self-define the functional keys. This CNC controller supports multiple spindle modes, support straight Tool Magazine, gantry type Magazine, and disk type magazine. The Operation system interface, although very comprehensive, can be learned quickly.
The DDCS Expert CNC controller mach3 system adopts the ARM+FPGA design framework. ARM controls the human-computer interface and code analysis and the FPGA provides the underlying algorithms and creates the control pulse. This guarantees reliable control and easy operation. The internal operating system is Linux based.

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The DDCS Expert CNC controller board can be used for many styles and types of CNC machines. Lathes, Routers, Pick&Place Mills, lathes, and cutters are examples. The DDCS Expert operates as a Stand Alone system without the need for a computer. This guarantees high precision, accuracy, and reliability. 

  • Max. 5 Axis;2-4 Axis linear interpolation, any 2 axes circular interpolation;
  • 7 inch full color display screen;resolution ratio: 1024*600,40 operation keys
  • 24 photoelectric isolated digital inputs,21 photoelectric isolated digital outputs
  • Analog spindle control 0-10V spindle control, support PWM Output
  • Magazine type: Multi-operation, straight row tool magazine, and disc Magazine
  • Probe Mode: Support auto-probe and manual probe
  • The probe of the Fixed position of the tool sensor, Probe of the Floating tool sensor, first probe/second probe;
  • Backlash compensation methods: direction gap compensation, radius gap compensation, length compensation;
  • Interpolation Algorithm:S type, circular complex algorithm, soft circular algorithm;
  • Language: Chinese, English;
  • Software Alarms: Program Error, operation Error, overtravel Error, Driver Error, and so on
  • Network: Support file sharing and online machining of the remote files
  • Differential output for Pulse and Direction signal, max. interpolation pulse output frequency 1Mhz
  • Spindle control mode, Mul-speed (4 lines 16 kinds speed), Servo Spindle
  • Compatible with standard G-code, support popular CAD/CAM software, such as ArtCam, MasterCam, ProE, JDSoft SurfMill, Aspire, Fusion 360, and so on.
  • The control system can preview the processing path before machining, and it makes the system more steady, working smoothly and precise
  • Support high-speed machining in continuous Polyline segments, the system can choose the most efficient algorithm automatically from different kinds of Polyline segment algorithms;
  • Support unlimited size files for machining
  • Support Breakpoint resume, “Power Cut” recovery, Try Cut, Start from Nearest Point, Start from the specific line
  • Support time-lock function;
  • Support 4 kinds of operation rights: visitor, operator, admin, super admin

Wiring diagram

DDCS-EXPERT cnc controller board Wiring diagram
DDCS-EXPERT Wiring diagram

Manual and Software

The version 2022-02-08 software added one very important feature for DDCS-Expert, the users can configurate the slave axis, that is very useful for Doube-Y structure CNC machine.Here is the related parameters:
#488 -p1 -a3 -t2 -s1"Programming axis of physical axis 1" -m1 -min=0.000 -max=4.000 -i0"X" -i1"Y" -i2"Z" -i3"4th" -i4"5th"-s3" "
#489 -p1 -a3 -t2 -s1"Programming axis of physical axis 2" -m1 -min=0.000 -max=4.000 -i0"X" -i1"Y" -i2"Z" -i3"4th" -i4"5th"-s3" "
#490 -p1 -a3 -t2 -s1"Programming axis of physical axis 3" -m1 -min=0.000 -max=4.000 -i0"X" -i1"Y" -i2"Z" -i3"4th" -i4"5th"-s3" "
#491 -p1 -a4 -t2 -s1"Programming axis of physical axis 4" -m1 -min=0.000 -max=4.000 -i0"X" -i1"Y" -i2"Z" -i3"4th" -i4"5th"-s3" "
#492 -p1 -a5 -t2 -s1"Programming axis of physical axis 5" -m1 -min=0.000 -max=4.000 -i0"X" -i1"Y" -i2"Z" -i3"4th" -i4"5th"-s3" "
For example, If you want configurate the 4th. Axis as the slave axis for Y axis, set the #491 to "1".


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