Co2 Laser Si reflective Mirrors

Co2 Laser Si reflective Mirrors application Co2 Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine.

The Is mirror uses a gold-plated film with a reflectivity higher than 96%,reducing power loss caused by reflection
The silicon-plated mirror has good optical thermal properties and fast heat dissipation, suitable for high-power laser tubes.

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Co2 Laser Si reflective Mirrors Cleaning

1,Use an air bulb to blow off any loose contaminants.(dust, lint particles)
2,Squeeze a few drops of acetone onto the lens tissue, wetting the complete optic’s diameter.(smudges,fingerprints)
3,Using the cotton swab and distilled vinegar, wipe the lens.Immediately use a wet cotton swab to remove any acetic acid, then clean with a clean dry cotton swab.(spittle, oils)

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