MACH3 Wireless Electronic Handwheel

MKX-VI MKX-V MKX-ET MKX-M4 Wireless Handwheel -Communication channel: ISM, 433MHZ-Power: 2* AA alkaline batteries-Wireless transmission range: 40 meters without obstacle-Encoder: 100PPR-Button: 13-Transmit power: 10DB-Acceptance sensitivity: -98DB-Maximum axis: 4/6 axis-Display screen: dot matrix LCD backlight display screen-Material: PC and ABS material, good resistance to heat and toughness, and a silicone sleeve protection Check AT ALiExpress Check … Read more

XHC Mach4 CNC Controller

MKX-VI MKX-V MKX-ET MKX-M4 Wireless Handwheel 1.Dual-Processors, ARM+FPGA, More processing power2.Support all versions of Mach 4.3.Work under Windows 32-bit operating system (not including Mac OS)4.Support spindle speed feedback function.5.USB jack does not need to install the driver, plug and play under all versions of Windows.6.Full support USB hot-swappable, USB connection status monitoring at any time. … Read more

MKX-V XHC CNC Controller

MKX-VI MKX-V MKX-ET MKX-M4 Wireless Handwheel Electrical Characteristics Application Connection Diagram Signal Description Wiring Diagram Show Dimensions 3 Axis Dimensions 4 Axis Dimensions 6 Axis Installation and instructions 1.Install Mach3 software:Open “MACH3 Soft” folder below the “Mach3Version3.043.066” file, click on the installation of software, automatic installation. 2.Drive automatic installerOpen “XHC-MKX-V- Drive automatic installer” folder, Click Drive automatic … Read more

MKX-IV XHC CNC Controller

MKX-VI MKX-V MKX-ET MKX-M4 Wireless Handwheel This is the latest generation 4 axis motion control card, which is the fourth generation calling MK3-IV. The maximum step-pulse frequency is 2MHz( The last generation MK3-III is 400KHz). Now MK4-IV is stronger, more stable and better performance. BUY AT ALiExpress BUY AT LOLLETTE BUY AT eBay Features 1. Support … Read more