Kinco MT4434T

The MT4000 Series is a very powerful HMI product that will make your application soar. This HMI line comes with a 65536 color display mode that gives your touch screen rich color and incomparable resolution. With the application of a powerful 800 MHz 32- bit RISC processor, the MT4000 provides faster processing speeds. Each HMI … Read more


7” Inch Delta DOP-107BV HMI Touch Screen Human Machine Interface Display Replace DOP -B07S411 DOP-B07SS411 B07S410 (DOP-107BV) 7”(800*480) 65,536 Colors TFT Cortex-A8 800MHz CPU 256 MB RAM 256 MB ROM 1 COM port / 1 extension COM port USB Host USB Client CE / UL certified Operation Temperature: 0℃ ~ 50℃ Storage Temperature: -20℃ ~ … Read more

Weinview HMI

Weinview hmi software and manual free download EB500 EB500V274_080130_chs For weinview EB500 series hmi EB8000 EB8000 V4.65.16 【Applicable to T/X series models】 EB8000V466.02.016_20161220 Applicable to X series models EasyAccess2.0 for windows EasyAccess2_V2.7.9[PC]_20190612_Windows Remote monitoring software EasyAccess2.0 [Applicable] Windows system computer EasyAccess2.0 for Android EasyAccess2-2.7.9[Andriod-china]_20190612 EasyAccess2_V2.10.07[PC]_20200720 For iE Series/eMT Series/cMT Series  DownloadEasyAccess2_V2.10.07[Andriod]_20200720  Download EasyAccess2.0 remote monitoring software, mobile … Read more

Kinco eView HMI

Software KincoHMIware v2.5 for ET050/ET070/ET100 Kinco hmi firmware update 1. Power on, and the English menu will appear to select the second option (firmware update). (If there is a dial code on the back, set the dial code to ON OFF). 2. Open the step configuration software, connect the touch screen to the computer with a download … Read more

Samkoon HMI

New SA and SK software SamDraw-User_manual SAtool softwareV6.0.0.42 SAtool softwareV6.1.0.34 Drive EA-035A-T                EA-043A           EA-070B SKtool softwareV7.0.0.38 SKtool softwareV7.0.0.67 Drive SK-035FE   SK-035UE SK-043D  SK-043FD SK-043FE    SK-043UE SK-043HE    SK-043HS SK-050HE   SK-050HS SK-070FE  SK-070FS SK-070GE    SK-070GS SK-070HE    SK-070HS SK-070ME    SK-070MS SK-102HE    SK-102HS SK-102CE    SK-102CS SK-121FE    SK-121FS … Read more